BuiltWorlds Launches Chicago Forum to Grow City’s PropTech and ConstructionTech Ecosystem

First of its kind collaboration brings together industry leaders, investors, and technologists for inaugural meeting ahead of global Buildings Conference

Chicago, May 16, 2022 BuiltWorlds, a worldwide network of leaders in the Built industry, has announced the launch of its Chicago Forum, a consortium of investors, technologists, and buildings and infrastructure industry leaders focused on bolstering the built-world ecosystem within the Chicago region. 

The BuiltWorlds’ Chicago Forum’s inaugural meeting will be held on May 17, ahead of BuiltWorlds’ 2022 Buildings Conference, which will take place on May 18-19 in Chicago’s Fulton Market.  The Buildings conference will address challenges and opportunities surrounding emerging technologies and industry trends in the built environment. 

“As the BuiltWorlds’ membership base continues to rapidly expand in all sectors of the community around the world, our forums offer members an ability to focus specifically on their areas of interest” said Matthew Gray, Executive Chairman of BuiltWorlds. “Our early growth took us around the world, but Chicago is our home, and so we are excited now to be able to offer a new opportunity for local industry leaders who have repeatedly asked for a platform to collaborate and grow the PropTech and BuiltTech ecosystem here in Chicago.”

Focused on building Chicago’s stature as a top tier city for PropTech and BuiltTech, the Chicago Forum is aligned with other local initiatives such as P33 Chicago, which was founded by Penny PritzkerChris Gladwin, and Kelly Welsh, to build Chicago’s reputation as a tier-one tech hub.  Fittingly, Brad Henderson, CEO of P33 will help launch the Chicago Forum as the keynote speaker at its kickoff meeting. 

The Chicago Forum kickoff meeting will also include insight from Chicago business leaders and industry influencers on what it takes to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Speakers will include Mark Zikra, Head of Innovation at August Hill, Kelly Burke, Technology Lead at ARCO/Murray, Tim Gollogly, Vice President of Business Development at Imajion and Jenny Song, Principal at Navitas.

The Chicago Forum will continue to meet over the course of the summer in conjunction with BuiltWorld’s Construction Tech and 2022 US Summit  also being held in Chicago. The Chicago Forum is open to BuiltWorlds’ members as well as investors, tech adopters and tech solution providers that are participating in the 2022 Chicago conferences and summit. Those interested in being part of the Chicago Forum can learn more or sign up through the BuiltWorlds website.  

Other BuiltWorlds’ forums include the E&C Forum, which offers a space for technology adoption leaders in the Engineering and Construction realm to share research and best practices; the Venture Forum, which provides a peer-to-peer setting for strategic investors to hear from vetted startups; and, the Catalyzer Forum, which holds space for fast growing providers to share solutions and implementation strategies within the membership. Information on all BuiltWorlds’ forums can be found at https://builtworlds.com/forums-overview/

About BuiltWorlds

Founded in 2013, BuiltWorlds is a worldwide network of built industry professionals dedicated to leadership and collaboration in the built environment. With a member network of more than 1,000 professionals from nearly 300 companies across 21 countries, BuiltWorlds represents the leading edge in engineering, construction, technology, real estate and architecture. In the face of the industry’s digital transformation, the BuiltWorlds community is committed to developing new ideas and advancing technology, innovation, and sustainability across the built sector.