BuiltWorlds Research Initiatives Expanded: Introduction to the Building Tech Survey


Building Tech Research Track

In conjunction with the reintroduction of the Building Tech Forum, BuiltWorlds has formulated a Building Tech Survey! The survey is intended to inform the Building Tech Research Track and, ultimately, the Buildings Conference. "Building Tech" encompasses many things, sustainability being a major topic. Ultimately, this initial Building Tech Survey will add color to the evolving role of the contractor, what sustainability teams are doing at contractors, and how they're influencing what and how we build.

Influenced by the success of BuiltWorlds' Benchmarking Program, which offers an independent, solution-agnostic way for BuiltWorlds Engineering and Construction Company members to compare their technology adoption efforts against their peers, we are pleased to officially launch the Building Technology Survey! The Building Tech Survey will join our current offerings — Preconstruction, Project Management & Oversight, Field Management, Offsite Construction, and Tools, Equipment, & Robotics — as a way to non-biasedly gauge technology adoption in the built environment. Specifically, the following areas will be surveyed:

  • Sustainability Initiatives/Programs
  • High-Performance Materials
  • Planning & Design Solutions
  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Energy / Utilities Monitoring Systems

The 2023 Building Tech Survey will be open until mid-April. BuiltWorlds members who complete the survey will receive a personalized Tech Assessment Report that outlines their adoption compared to the industry average.

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Looking Ahead: Building Tech in 2023

The insights gained from this survey will help guide the direction of the Building Tech Research Track. Based on several conversations with players in the broader AEC space, there seems to be a general consensus that their sustainability programs are still in their infancy. Beyond that, heads of sustainability programs/teams sometimes have a sense of imposter syndrome based on the assumption that their competitors are farther along on their sustainability journey. By taking this survey, BuiltWorlds will be able to objectively inform its respondents where they stand in relation to the broader built industry in terms of sustainability and building technology.

In addition to informing readers of viable solutions that fall under the Building Tech umbrella, the data derived from the survey might also shed light on startups looking to disrupt the space.

Below you can find the dates and times of Building Tech related events, content, and meetings:

Conference / Summit

Forum Meetings

Analyst Calls

Related Research / Reports

  • Annual Building Tech Report Release: May 4th, 2023
  • Building Tech 50 List Release: May 11th, 2023
  • Annual Sustainability Report Release: May 25th, 2023

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