Key Takeaways From Our Preconstruction Tech Specialty Reports

BuiltWorlds recently published six tech specialty reports on preconstruction technology, covering emerging tech solutions that drive innovation across the industry. These reports include bid management solutions, prequalification platforms, scheduling software, estimating technology, procurement solutions, and contract management platforms. These reports are a great resource for anyone interested in staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in preconstruction technology.

Year-Over-Year Trends

A core part of our tech specialty reports is the year-over-year analysis of adoption trends and satisfaction ratings for categories of tech solutions. We noticed some key trends in the data, notably:

  • An increase in satisfaction ratings around accurate project schedule generation and multi-project demand forecasting within scheduling solutions. Overall, scheduling solutions saw a positive trend in satisfaction scores this year, but these two categories were clear outliers. As scheduling and project management solutions continue to evolve and adopt more advanced technologies, users are increasingly satisfied with their solutions.
  • Prequalification solutions received low scores across the board. This was the first year that we evaluated prequalification solutions separately from bid management platforms, though the two are inherently adjacent. According to adopters of these platforms, the average satisfaction score for the ability to evaluate organizations was 5/10, which is a decline from last year's rating of 6.7/10.

New Areas Of Research

In this year's preconstruction survey, we asked contractors about any procurement and contract management solutions they may use. We will continue to track and analyze the adoption rates of these technologies throughout our preconstruction-related research. This year, we learned:

  • Nearly half of respondents indicated using a software solution for managing their procurement log or other aspects of their procurement process. The majority of survey respondents use their construction management platform to optimize their procurement process, while others noted they are piloting or actively using newer procurement-specific platforms.
  • Our survey data shows that the adoption and utilization of contract management solutions is high. Three-quarters of respondents reported using a software solution for their contract management process. The platforms also received high ratings for ease of use and contract review and execution efficiency.