Notable Built World Venture Investment Activity – July 2020

Recently, we added our 2020 Venture Dashboard to the suite of tools we offer our members to help them understand investors, investments being made, start ups looking for investment, exits, and more in the Buildings & Infrastructure venture sector.  While these resources are reserved for members, for our broader community, each month we’ll look to break down notable investments made in the sector. There continues to be significant activity across a variety of themes, suggesting a continuing maturing of the sector and more choices and more robust solutions for the industry in the months to come.

In terms of specific topic sectors, in July we saw investment made into areas like Building Systems, Drones, Image Capture, Building Operations & Maintenance, AI/Machine Learning, Scheduling, Analytics, E-Commerce, & Collaboration Tools.  Explore below for a summary of total YTD Investment Activity, a July recap of deals by funding round, and the specific raise and investor information for the built industry venture investments from July.

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Openpath Security Inc. logo

Company Name: Openpath

Company Specialty: Building Systems

Funding Type: Series C

Amount Raised (USD): $36,000,000

Announced Date: 07/16/2020

Investors: Greycroft, Okta Ventures, LPC Ventures, Sentre, Allegion Ventures

Propeller Aero logo

Company Name: Propeller

Company Specialty: Drones

Funding Type: Series B

Amount Raised (USD): $18,000,000

Announced Date: 07/21/2020

Investors: Blackbird Ventures, Costanoa Ventures

OpenSpace logo

Company Name: OpenSpace

Company Specialty: Image Capture

Funding Type: Series B

Amount Raised (USD): $15,900,000

Announced Date: 07/27/2020

Investors: Menlo Ventures, Nine Four Ventures, Taronga Group, Lux Capital, JLL Spark, Navitas Capital, Zigg Capital

Aquicore logo

Company Name: Aquicore

Company Specialty: Building Operations & Maintenance

Funding Type: Venture Round

Amount Raised (USD): $14,000,000

Announced Date: 07/29/2020

Investors: Keyframe Capital, A/O Proptech, The Westly Group

Buildots logo

Company Name: Buildots

Company Specialty: AI/Machine Learning

Funding Type: Series A

Amount Raised (USD): $13,000,000

Announced Date: 07/30/2020

Investors: TLV Partners, Innogy Ventures, Tidhar Group

Bridgit logo

Company Name: Bridgit

Company Specialty: Scheduling

Funding Type: Venture Round

Amount Raised (USD): $7,000,000

Announced Date: 07/14/2020

Investors: Autodesk, EDC, BDC Capital’s Growth & Transition Capital, Salesforce Ventures, Sands Capital, StandUp Ventures

cohesion logo

Company Name: Cohesion

Company Specialty: Data Analytics

Funding Type: Seed

Amount Raised (USD): $6,500,000

Announced Date: 07/16/2020

Investors: Hyde Park Angels, Frasers Property, CMT Capital Markets Trading

Mercado logo

Company Name: Mercado

Company Specialty: Equipment Marketplaces

Funding Type: Venture Round

Amount Raised (USD): $2,500,000

Announced Date: 07/16/2020

Investors: Ironspring, Supply Chain Ventures

QuoteToMe logo

Company Name: QuoteToMe

Company Specialty: Collaboration & Documentation

Funding Type: Seed

Amount Raised (USD): $1,000,000

Announced Date: 07/07/2020

Investors: Seer Developments, Startup TNT

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