Beyond Budgeting and Scheduling: Meet Preconstruction’s Digital Leaders

According to our recent Preconstruction Survey results, most contractors have adopted scheduling, bid management, and estimating software, yet only a handful have utilized advanced tools that can aid their clients in making critical decisions during the planning stage. The use of innovative features such as Value Analysis, Life Cycle Costing, Energy Modeling, and other advanced capabilities separate Preconstruction’s Digital Leaders from the pack.

Based off of BuiltWorlds’ aggregated Pre Construction Survey, the 2023 Preconstruction Digital Leaders are Impetus and Alberici. Digital Leader selection is based on a point system that evaluates the quality and depth of the technology solutions that a company has utilized. This indicated that according to our data from this year’s survey, Alberici and Impetus had the most effective utilization of technology in all speciality areas.

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Alberici is a diversified construction firm that is known for its strong customer service and high-quality services that are provided. They have a strong presence within North America, along with global clientele, and offer a range of solutions such as: general contracting, construction management, and design-build capabilities.

Impetus is a construction service company that provides a wide range of services including preconstuction, construction management, general contracting, and design-build services. They combine experience, expertise, and innovation to provide specialized services with deep value for each of their clients.

“Builtworlds’ research serves as an extension of our organization’s innovation efforts by supporting teams in detecting signal through the noise of a very busy Contech market.” William Cotten, Innovation Leader at Impetus

At our upcoming Construction Tech Conference in July, we will celebrate 2023’s Preconstruction Digital Leaders, Alberici and Impetus. We will also look deeper into what practices make a leading construction company in preconstruction and how to effectively implement these solutions. On Day One of the Conference General Sessions will tackle three key aspects of preconstruction: budgeting, scheduling, and bid management.


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