Ten Analyst Call Recordings Examine Major Sub Topics, Trends, Players in the Building Tech Sector

Through our regular Buildings Analyst Calls, we have helped our members explore many of the major topics of change that we collectively categorize as Building Tech. Those topics include:

  • Digitization of the Planning and Design phases of projects.
  • Digital Tools for identifying and sourcing sustainable materials.
  • Innovation in Building Products and Materials.
  • Modularization and Prefabrication of Buildings and Building Components.
  • Emerging Technology in the Operations and Management of Buildings.
  • Emerging Technology in the Maintenance of Buildings.

Through the Analyst Calls below our members and their guests help us to understand the challenges and opportunities embedded in these areas of change. The Analyst Calls are a companion to our published research, Buildings Conference and our newly launched Building Tech Forum. Collectively, the curriculum aims to keep our member on top of the important trends, emerging topics, and leading experts in the field.

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Kicking off at our Venture East Conference, in concert with our Analyst Calls, Buildings Conference, and Building Tech Research, we now offer members a monthly opportunity to meet and discuss the topics of change in Building Tech.

The Building Tech Analyst Call Series Recordings 2021-22

We have explored many of the topics listed above through presentations from members and guests in our Building Tech Analyst Call Series. Some of the topics covered include:

  1. A look at the carbon footprint of buildings and technology aimed at helping lower that carbon footprint.
  2. An exploration of data management systems and their rolls in helping accelerate adoption of prefabrication techniques.
  3. An understanding of how a better ability to gather and analyze data around building operations in real time helps optimize the sustainability performance of buildings.
  4. An exploration of how sustainable materials get written out of or into projects by contractors through the value engineering and construction process.
  5. An identification of some of the specific risk of modularization and how those risks can be managed.
  6. A discussion about how Covid helped place a higher priority around "well buildings" and "healthy buildings" and the role of emerging tech in helping buildings meet those goals.
  7. How emerging technology is helping automate the building maintenance and even enable property managers to identify issues sooner or better prevent them, altogether, driving down the cost of operating buildings.

Emerging technology is being brought to bear in all of these and many more areas relating to buildings. With Buildings accounting for so much of the world's energy consumption, carbon footprint, and waste stream, and facing ever rising costs, the opportunity drive quality and efficiency into Buildings is higher than ever.

Innovation in Prefabrication – Analyst Call

On the 9/28/2022 Analyst Call titled “Innovation in Prefabrication,” Tyler Sewall, Director of Technology Adoption at BuiltWorlds, alongside Tim Beckman, Director at Simpson Strong-Tie, and Patrick Fess, PreFab Leader at […]

Building Materials Cement

Analyst Call: Sustainable Building Products and Materials

The construction industry has historically been one of the largest global contributors of carbon emissions. Buildings are currently responsible for 70% of Chicago’s carbon emissions and 40% nationwide. Cement, steel, […]

May 04, 2022 – Analyst Call – Building Products & Materials

Our ability to capture, store and learn from massive amounts of data is transforming how and what we build. The access to data about how a building is performing in […]

March 23, 2022 – Analyst Call – Building Products & Materials

If you missed yesterday morning’s analyst call, you can still watch the recording here!  Special thanks to Susan Heinking, Vice President of High Performance and Sustainable Construction at Pepper Construction; […]

Analyst Call - Modularization and Prefabrication

February 09, 2022 – Analyst Call – Modularization and Prefabrication

Modularization & Prefabrication is transforming the construction industry. It is arriving at a great time, with construction productivity at all-time lows with pressures from supply chains, rising material costs, and […]

November 3, 2021: ESG and Sustainability in Building Products and Materials: Analyst Call

Learn how to choose the best materials from BuiltWorlds’ Building Products & Materials topics so you can grasp how changing technologies, consumer preferences, and logistical challenges are impacting your projects.

October 2021 Modularization & Prefabrication Analyst Call: Managing the Risk of Modular

Placing construction processes offsite is becoming more common as modularity permits faster onsite installation, leaner supply chains, and limiting costly redesigns.

September Building Products and Materials Call

In this session, we meet with two pioneers pushing new approaches from different parts of the Built World ecosystem.

Returning to “Healthy” Buildings

In this session, we take a look at how tenant health concerns are continuing to be addressed as we move into the post-pandemic phase of building operations and maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance: Real-Time Analytics and Sensors to Prevent Downtime

Neil Ross, Director of Technical Strategy & Architecture at Schneider Electric, and Dwight Stewart, Founder & CTO at Igor, deliver presentations in this session on how technologies are being utilized to establish predictive maintenance in today’s built environment.

Dwight Stewart, Founder & CTO, Igor