Three Critical Functionalities for your Project Management Software, and the Rise of Generative AI


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It would be difficult to find a commercial general contractor today that hasn't adopted a dedicated project management technology solution. While any jobsite will still have a multitude of excel spreadsheets, call logs, and emails, the industry is increasingly reliant on project management software for so many of the activities required to manage a construction project.

BuiltWorlds has cataloged over 220 project management solution providers relevant to the construction industry; however, 2022 BuiltWorlds research only identified around 20 of those solutions as currently being utilized. Even with all of these solutions available, contractors were not overly satisfied with the solutions being provided. Below are a few key statistics from 2022 BuiltWorlds benchmarking research indicating contractor satisfaction ratings with their project management solutions.

  • Change Management Functionality: on average, project management systems rated 6.7/10, indicating difficulty in tracking and managing changes
  • Integration with Other Solutions: on average, project management systems rated 5.9/10, indicating difficulty in managing point solutions
  • Supply Chain Management: on average, project management systems rated 5.2/10, indicating difficulty in tracking and management project procurement

requiring more from your project management tech

With the increase in reliance on multi-functional project management solutions, it is imperative that contractors are using the technology to it's fullest extent. Below are 3 key functionalities contractors have identified as critical in their project management technology based on BuiltWorlds benchmarking data.

1. Solution Integration

As tech stacks grow larger, more solutions do not always mean fewer problems. In fact, the volume of available solutions has become a problem in itself. Having a project management platform that can integrate with many solutions can provide users with a single platform to access the data they need to successfully manage a project.

2. Data Analytics

Business intelligence / data analytics functionality is an increasingly critical component of decision making. Managers with the ability to easily aggregate accurate data (key word being accurate) can make informed decisions with regard to financials, progress, safety, quality, and other key areas.

3. Ease of Use

This seems obvious, but has proven to be the most critical aspect of any technology solution. If project teams cannot easily use it, they don't want it. Legacy project management solutions can often be clunky and time consuming to use, in turn causing significant inefficiencies in project management processes. Contractors are increasingly turning to solutions that are more user-friendly, even if it means giving up some functionality.


What about AI?

Though not currently a standard in the construction tool belt, the lightning fast rise of generative AI tools begs the question: "how can AI impact project management software?" While generative AI is not new in concept or practice, recent trends have made it both ridiculously accessible and user-friendly. At its most basic level, generative AI is a technology that has the ability to "generate" a response to a prompt. The response can be text, an image, a soundbite, or other options.

Because of these changes, the applications of generative AI have rapidly expanded into every industry around the world. With the right information, generative AI can assist, and even replace, manual efforts for activities including document management, change management, risk management, design coordination, communications (emails), and so much more.

In the coming months and years, it is likely that the integration of generative AI into project management solutions will become not only critical, but ultimately expected.


Project Management Research Information

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