VCC, Spawglass, and Anning Johnson Technology Leaders Discuss Integration of Accounting and Project Management with Leading Tech Consultant Christian Burger

Earlier this year, our Engineering and Construction Tech Leaders Forum identified the integration of accounting and project management systems as an area of growing interest. With 85% of our members surveyed indicating that they had adopted project management software, firms were turning more attention to their legacy accounting systems and the inter-relationship between accounting and project management.

Based on this feedback from our E&C Tech Forum, we convened a panel on last week’s project management call, to help walk us through the topic in more depth. Veteran industry technology consultant, Christian Burger, founder and president of Burger Consulting Group, led the conversation, helping us understand the history of disparate ERP and Project Management systems, efforts to integrate the two, and efforts of software companies to offer both. He observed that the advent of mobile devices and a mobile first workforce has driven significant changes, in recent years. We have seen consolidation, proliferation of new solutions, and solutions aimed at different players in the process. Amidst all of this change, Christian put in perspective today’s integration scenarios.

In the ensuing conversation, we heard about how our panelists think through considerations of a major specialty contractor, as well as two perspectives of building contractors. Jerry Horani, CTO, VCC and Rob Spencer, Director of IT, SpawGlass Contractors represented the perspectives of the general contractors, while Michael Ricks, Director of Corporate Initiatives, Anning-Johnson Company, represented the perspective of a specialty contractor.

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Among the numerous considerations the panel raised for both general contractors and specialty contractors was the impact of now providing broad field-level access, the proliferation of types of field solutions, the prioritization of predictive analytics, emerging developments in data warehousing, differing cost structures, and the impact of the growth of modularization and prefabrication in the industry.

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It was a fascinating, far ranging and comprehensive portrait of the considerations of mid-sized and larger firms, as they adapt to the significant changes afoot in the industry. Look for much more to come in the weeks and months ahead.

If you are in a position of responsibility for implementing Construction Technology in your engineering and construction company and are interested in discussing topics like this with your peers or helping shape future presentation topics, check out our Technology Adopters Forum,and consider joining us for our next meeting.