BuiltWorlds Session: Automatic Construction

This week’s session video highlights Alex Bell, CEO, and Tyler Robins, CCO and co-founder of Automatic Construction.

Automatic Construction makes Inflatable Flexible Factory Formwork (IFFF) that is delivered to construction sites as a complete unit with reinforcement already in place. Construction pumps raise the building floor by floor and concrete pumps fill the forms with regular SCC concrete. The results are the same IBC code approved building superstructures that are most prevalent in worldwide and western urban construction at currently 1/5th (and eventually 1/10th) the cost of conventional construction. Automatic Construction is currently experimenting with a CO2 sequestering aircrete mix that because of the airtight nature of their forms can sequester net CO2. Automatic Construction currently works with residential homes and ADU, with prototypes in the infrastructure, commercial, and military realms, with hopes to integrate tunnels, skyscrapes, and pools in the future.

Automatic Construction was a startup chosen to participate in the inaugural Formwork Labs cohort announced earlier this summer at the EAME Summit in Paris, France.  The conclusion of the accelerator program coincided with our Americas Summit, this September, at the Willis Tower in Chicago. Each startup from the program had a chance to present their company in a demo day style pitch. Members can watch Automatic Construction’s pitch below.

Automatic Construction- Formwork Labs DemoDrop

During the Venture East Conference, a panel will center around the Formwork Labs program, featuring Hao Li, CEO of Multipliciti, another member of the cohort; Jay Snyder, President of Big Blue Innovations; and Jack Forde, Vice President and Head of Sales with BuiltWorlds. Register for the Venture East Conference, November 14th-16th now to hear key takeaways from the accelerator program.

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