BuiltWorlds Session: Mark Skender, Co-Founder & President, RaaP

Mark Skender, President and Co-Founder at Raap sat down with the BuiltWorlds Team at this past Americas Summit in Chicago, IL to discuss his new startup venture and what he’s most excited about moving into a new phase of his career.

Skender believes that modular and prefab construction is going to play a large part in solving the affordable housing issue in America and he’s excited to continue to work towards the goal of lowering the cost of building.

Skender will be joining us at this year’s Venture West Conference taking place in just under a month in San Francisco where he will be part of a panel discussing the advantages of modular construction. Check out the Venture West Conference landing page to learn more or purchase tickets now.

Last year’s Venture West Conference did sell out so if you’re interested in attending is highly recommended to get your tickets as soon as possible.