BuiltWorlds Session: Ross Bosn, Corporate Strategy Leader, Owens Corning

Ross Bosn, Corporate Strategy Leader at Owens Corning sat down during the 2022 Americas Summit that took place September 8-9 in Chicago, IL to discuss some of the exciting development taking place at the giant building and construction materials company. Bosn said that one particular area of excitement for him and Owens Corning is that they’ve been able to partner with modular and prefrab suppliers at a higher rate over the past year. Bosn says that although this recent shift to looking more closely into offsite construction, and how Owens Corning products fit into that deliver model, is exciting, they’ve yet to figure out all of the answers on how they can make the biggest impact.

Bosn continues to say that he feels like while offsite construction seems like a great alternative to traditional construction projects, he sees a lack of understanding in how manufacturers execute their tacts during offsite construction. He mentions that it isn’t enough for traditional manufacturers to just shift their current methods of construction under a roof and assume that will lead to heightened productivity but that in order to truly capitalize on the benefits of modular/offsite construction, you need to be willing to change the way you’ve approached projects in the past entirely. One other area Bosn says needs to be improved upon is the sharing of information between companies and opening of communication channels between suppliers so that they can work together to benefit the manufacturers.

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