BuiltWorlds Session: Lucas Manos, Ryan Companies

Lucas Manos, Senior Innovation Manager of Emerging Technology at Ryan Companies, took the time to sit down with BuiltWorlds staff at our 2022 Construction Tech Conference. Established in 1938, Ryan Companies is a national builder, developer, designer, and real estate manager based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Manos joined the company within the past year with years of experience in the construction industry in his belt.  

During our chat, Manos touched on subjects such as Ryan Companies’ insight innovations group, first circle BIM, and the importance of bridging different roles in the construction industry to connect complementary skill sets. Calling back to his first experience with BuiltWorlds—Hackathon—Manos affirms the importance of making connections with individuals and new insights into the industry, which BuiltWorlds helps facilitate. Manos also delves into the necessity of collaboration and learning, which can be facilitated through such conferences. 

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