Women in Construction Technology – Advice for Women Entering the Industry

At the inaugural Women in Construction Tech event that took place in Palo Alto on March 08, 2022, we were joined by women from across the industry who met on International Women’s Day to talk about all things construction tech. We were able to catch up with six of these industry-leading women; Antonia Elisa Soler Blasco, Direction of the Hilti Technology Office, Julieta Moredai, Partner, Hometeam Ventures, Mallorie  Brodie, CEO, Bridgit, Gabriella Rodas, Project Manage, Progresso X, Tristen Magallanes, Innovation Manager, Swinerton Builders,  and Chloe Smith, CEO & Co-Founder, Mercator AI – to get career advice for women who are considering entering the industry or early on in their career path.

The common denominator between all of the advice is that networking and mentorship is key.

We’re thrilled to be joining what is shaping up to be another great Women in Construction Tech event at the EAME Summit in Paris on June 16 at the Hilti offices in France. Julieta Moredai from Hometeam Ventures and Antonia Elisa Soler Blasco from Hilti will be leading the discussion that will focus on different ways women can take the advice offered in the video and put it into action. Some of the highlights from the event will be:

  • Global and Regional Networking: Regional hubs + women leaders for local chapters (Americas, Europe, Asias. Global networking for deal flow. 
  • Professional growth: every 2-3 months we host professional trainings 
  • Impact to create a pipeline for more women in contech: in-person retreats (wellness), university talks to engage women students to enter space, non-profits

Julieta and Antonia will be followed by a panel discussion talking about technology disruption and emerging opportunities in construction.

This event is part of our pre-event series leading up to the EAME Summit on June 17 at The Westin Paris – Vendôme. Our other pre-events include a robotic printer tour hosted by XtreeE, our Venture Forum meeting at the offices of Saint Gobain, and finally our Demo Day event taking place at Vinci’s Leonard Facility. Find more information and register for the conference (and these pre-events) by following the link below!

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Women in Contech