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Infrastructure Conference

Day Two: Construction and Maintenance


8.13.2020 8:00AM - 5:00PM


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8/13/20 9:00 AM CST – After looking at changes in how we plan and develop infrastructure projects in day one, day two moves to the field where we look at how emerging technology is influencing the development of smarter construction equipment, better systems for managing infrastructure construction, smarter tools for maintaining infrastructure projects and ultimately how all of these advances add up to truly smarter cities the work better, safer, and more efficiently for the people who live in those cities. While building projects tend to be dominated by tower cranes and smaller mobile equipment, infrastructure is the stuff of scrapers, dozers, crawlers, haulers and other heavy equipment. So, the morning will be heavy on advances in our machinery.Then, in the afternoon, we’ll move to project management systems, maintenance, and maybe a bit beyond…
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Conference Speakers:

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Adam Bridgman

General Partner, Ironspring Ventures

Pace Davis

Co-Founder, CEO, TruckIT

John Tolva

CTO, Envra

Oded Ran

Co-founder & CEO, Clue

Christian Koch

Co-Founder, Pallon

Jen Jewett

Construction Technology Sales Specialist, Autodesk

Austin Rabine

CEO, Rabine Group

Arik Elberse

Global Director and Industry Principal for Cisco IoT Smart Cities, Cisco Systems

Christian Burger

Founder & President, Burger Consulting Group

Lori Robinett

Managing Partner, Iterisk

Sheila Matuscak

CEO & Founder, Coeo Space

Bob Mazer

Founder, Smart City Works

Omar Ghazzaoui

Co-founder & CEO, VOS Systems

Stephen Muck

Founder and Executive Chairman, Advanced Construction Robotics

Amit Rai

CEO, MachineMax

Willy Schlacks

President & Co-Founder, EquipmentShare

Andrew Lindsay

President, Astra Group

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Day Two Agenda

All times are central standard time zone

Day 1 Schedule


Tech-Enabled Construction Equipment's Growing Role in Project Delivery, An Investor Perspective

Adam Bridgman, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Ironspring

Much more so than for Building Projects, heavy equipment plays a critical role in Infrastructure construction. Adam Bridgman, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Ironspring, will discuss how emerging technology in equipment is becoming increasingly important to infrastructure work. In 2016, Adam was involved in the founding of Holt Ventures, the venture arm of Holt Cat, the largest Caterpillar Equipment dealer in the United States. Through that experience, he fostered the network that would provide the basis for the foundation of Iron Spring, a Texas-based fund focused on post-seed, Built World investments. This talk will tee up a morning of discussions at our Infrastructure Conference Day II about the way emerging technology is impacting heavy equipment on Infrastructure Projects. 


Advances in Smart Equipment, Robotics, and Connected Job Sites

Steve Muck, Co-Founder & CEO, Advanced Construction Robotics | Omar Ghazzaoui, Co-Founder, Ottogee | Amit Rai, CEO, MachineMax | Willy Schlacks, Co-Founder/President, Equipmentshare

Infrastructure Job Sites are being connected and automated like never before. In this session, we will look at some of the specific case studies in robotics and the connection of people and equipment in order to gain greater job site efficency.


Emerging Technology in Trucking and Management of Construction Materials

Pace Davis, CEO, TruckIT | Andrew Lindsay, President, Astra Group | Robert Mazer, Founder, Smart City Works

One of the greatest areas of opportunity for driving efficiency on job sites, based on our 2019 contractor survey, is in the reduction of delays due to time spent waiting on materials, receiving the wrong materials, and other disruptions due to challenges in supply chain management. In this session, Pace Davis, CEO of TruckIT and Andrew Lindsey, President of Astra Group, will discuss advances in the way technology allows contractors to manage their site delivery more reliably.


New Horizons in Construction Management Technology For Infrastructure

Jen Jewett, Construction Technology Sales Specialist, Autodesk | Oded Ran, Co-Founder & CEO, Clue | Christian Burger, Founder & President, Burger Consulting Group | Lori Robinett, Managing Partner, Iterisk

The past couple of years have seen a significant increase in the amount of focus and investment on improving project management technology for Infrastructure projects. Emerging Technology players have garnered significant investment to fuel more robust solutions for management of infrastructure projects that incorporate drones, voice activation, GIS, photo-stitching and other technologies, In this session, we will speak with a group of industry players and technologists about these emerging tools and how they will drive improvements in the management of infrastructure projects.


IoT and Maintenance in Infrastructure

Austin Rabine, CEO Rabine Group | Christian Koch, Co-Founder Hades | Arik Elberse, Global Director and Industry Principal for Cisco IoT Smart Cities | Sheila Matusek, CEO and Co-Founder, Coeospace

With sensor from drones above, sewers below and on our streets gathering more data about our physical infrastructure than ever, we have more ability than ever to identify issues early and remotely and address them more quickly. In this panel, we will discuss the ways in which technology is helping us maintain our infrastructure better, more efficiently, and more safely.


Bridging Infrastructure and The Smart City

John Tolva, Partner, Cityfi

As we've seen a proliferation of tools powered by a proliferation of sensors connected to powerful cloud computing, we step back and remind ourselves that all of this effort is linked to the ultimate goal of better outcomes for the citizens of cities, the ultimate customers of our efforts. John Tolva will help bring perspective on how we bridge the technologies that help improve our process with the outcomes that actually make our cities better places to live.


Discussion Groups

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