Adoption Leaders 50 List 2017

Industry Leaders in Built World are increasingly, not just putting money into tech, but they are also investing in creating new positions in their organizations for people who have the responsibility and the authority to plan for change, to foster a culture of innovation, and to help their organizations execute on change. “Adoption Leaders” are, not only champions of technology within their organizations, but also  leaders who stepped into newly created roles that exist today as the result of increased commitments to tech adoption — and we’re seeing them becoming increasingly more common across AEC-RE companies today.

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Roles created in 2014

1. Hitesh Dewan

Company: XL Construction

Job title: Operations Technology Manager

Former job title: VDC Project Manager

Hitesh handles operational technology initiatives to create a streamlined, efficient workflow within the company.

2. Damon Ranieri

Company: Lendlease

Job title: Senior BIM Integration Manager

Former job title: Design & Construction Technology Consultant

Damon provides experience in strategy, implementation, training, and execution of the latest advances in building design technology.

Roles created in 2015

3. Megan Conrad

Company: Ryan Companies

Job title: Virtual Construction Manager

Former job title: Virtual Design Coordinator

Conrad leads Ryan Companies’ efforts in their Great Lakes Region by leveraging the adoption of lean integration strategies, early design constructability reviews through VDC, BIM Coordination, 4D and 5D applications, and AR/VR.

4. Tyler Goss

Company: Turner Construction

Job title: Innovation Development Manager

Former job title: Development Project Manager

Goss works both within Turner and with outside partners to advance the company’s strategic innovation agenda. This agenda comprises not only technological advances, but process improvements and organizational culture transformation.

5. Susan Heinking

Company: Pepper Construction

Job title: Director of High Performance and Sustainable Construction

Former job title: Vice President, Sustainability Leader

Heinking serves as a resource for Pepper’s sustainable projects, with a specialty in existing buildings.

6. Jeff Hops

Company: Fluor

Job title: Innovation Implementation Lead

Former job title: Principal Specialist, Material Management

Hops helps Fluor employees develop new technologies, work and design processes, and execution practices to implement new strategies and ideas.

7. Ricardo Khan

Company: Mortenson

Job title: Senior Director, Project Solutions

Former job title: Director of Virtual Design & Construction

Khan is team leader of an operational excellence group that is made up of four primary functions; planning & scheduling, project management administration, virtual design & construction and operational innovation. His key objective is to drive efficiency and customer impact through the integration of innovative methodologies into design, construction, and facility operations.

8. Courtney Lamoreux

Company: Graycor

Job title: Virtual Design & Digital Communications Specialist

Former job title: Business Analyst, BIM Integration

Lamoreux is responsible for digital communication efforts including development and management of Graycor website and social media platforms alongside Graycor Virtual Design + Construction efforts to help produce 4D schedules, clash coordination models, more comprehensive visualizations of the construction progress, and logistics planning sequences.

9. Katerina Milovanoska

Company: Rudolph & Sletten

Job title: Senior VDC/BIM Manager

Former job title: Designer, BIM Specialist, Baker Nowiki Design Studio

Milovanoska uses BIM and VDC technologies to create innovative project management methods, including model data extraction for quantity takeoffs and estimating purposes, constructability reviews, design coordination using automated clash detection methods, and construction sequencing animations for preconstruction planning.

10. John Rygg

Company: Kiewit

Job title: Enterprise Architect — Field Devices, R&D Hololens Business Process Owner

Former job title: Technology Program Manager

Rygg identifies incremental and disruptive innovation opportunities for field technologies (IoT, AR/VR, autonomous vehicle control, and more) to drive operational excellence.

11. Kelsey Stein

Company: Skanska USA Building

Job title: VDC Manager Preconstruction

Former job title: Senior Preconstruction Technology Specialist

The VDC Manager | Preconstruction Technology Expert is a new hybrid role within Skanska USA’s construction division that marries typical preconstruction activities like quantity take-off and estimating with innovative workflows and technical expertise like the use of building information modeling, immersive experiences (VR/AR/MR) and collaborative cloud technologies.

12. Weston Tanner

Company: The Walsh Group

Job title: Director of Construction Technology

Former job title: Virtual Construction Manager

Tanner guides the adoption of innovative new technologies to improve Walsh internal operations, keep on top of emerging tech in the market, and provide more to clients.


Roles created in 2016

13. Trino Beltran

Company: VINCI

Job title: Director, Innovation, Research & Development

Former job title: Director of Open Innovation and Environment

Beltran is in charge of the deployment of all innovation initiatives for VINCI Construction France as well as participation in transversal projects.

14. Kelly Benedict

Company: Lendlease

Job title: Senior Vice President, Innovation and Customer Focus, Americas

Former job title: Senior Vice President

Benedict develops and executes the Global Innovation Program aimed at influencing the climate of Lendlease to be highly supportive and effective in innovation.

Jeff Berg15. Jeff Berg

Company: Arup

Job title: Urban Systems Software Designer

Former job title: Data Lead, Computation Lead and Lead Developer

Berg’s consulting experience and code expertise brings thought leadership to Arup software initiatives and solutions for the built environment.

16. Kevin Bredeson

Company: Suffolk

Job title: Vice President, VDC

Former job title: Director, VDC

Bredeson works in conjunction with owners, designers, and trade partners from initial project development through turnover and facility operations to provide insight and guidance for the project team. He provides guidance to ensure Suffolk teams develop and coordinate models that drive project safety, budget, schedule, and quality.

17. Nicholas Cameron

Company: Perkins+Will

Job title: Director Digital Practice, Assoc. Principal

Former job title: Vice President

Cameron’s central charge is to develop and execute Perkins+Will’s Digital Practice strategies, advancing tools, workflows, and emerging technologies that enable design teams to deliver solutions for clients.

18. Chandra Dhandapani

Company: CBRE

Job title: Chief Digital & Technology Officer

Former job title: SVP, CIO at Capital One

Dhandapani is responsible for all aspects of the company’s technology and digital enablement, including those serving clients and CBRE professionals.

19. Kaushal Diwan

Company: DPR Construction

Job title: National Director of Innovation

Former job title: Regional BIM Manager and National Virtual Building Training Program Leader

Diwan develops resource allocation processes to take potentially disruptive innovations forward from concept to implementation.

20. Zach Downey

Company: FullStack Modular

Job title: Chief Innovation Officer

Former job title: Technology and Innovation Manager

Downey’s focuses include identifying new, emerging markets and market disruptions, building, researching, and testing innovation tools and processes to assist product development, and utilizes design automation to minimize effort and maximize effect.

21. David Epps

Company: Winter Construction

Job title: Director of Construction Technology

Former job title: Manager, Building Information Modeling, Holder Construction

Epps ensures that BIM and related technologies are consistently leveraged through Project Concept/Design Support, Project Pursuit, Preconstruction, Operations, and Facilities Management/Owner Handover.

22. Todd Heitman

Company: Heitman Architects/Heitman Technologies

Job title: Director of Technology, Business development

Former job title: Real Estate Broker

Heitman researches and implements of emerging technologies in relation to BIM, UAVS site scanning, and VR/AR.

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23. Sree Kala Kadiani

Company: Balfour Beatty Construction

Job title: Manager, Integrated Projects

Former job title: Assistant Manger, Integrated Projects

Kadiani is responsible for technology process development and VDC at Balfour to create more value for customers while using fewer resources.

24. Atul Khanzode

Company: DPR Construction

Job title: Technology and Innovation Leader

Former job title: Director of Construction Technologies

Khanzode is responsible for all of the virtual building, operations and preconstruction technologies, as well as strategic technology initiatives for DPR. He works with project teams across the country to implement virtual building and lean construction tools and processes.

25. Ryan Lawrence

Company: BE&K Building Group

Job title: Director of Technology & Innovation

Former job title: Senior BIM/VDC Process Manager

As the Director of Technology & Innovation, Lawrence works to put into practice the most innovative technological practices and preconstruction services to meet client needs.

26. Misha Nikulin

Company: Bechtel

Job title: Head of IT Innovation & Emerging Technology

Former job title: Head of Global Collaboration Services and Information Technology

Nikulin develops the Digital Transformation part of the Enterprise IT Strategy, and defines IT role in digital transformation, building interfaces between digital disruption, transformation, and operations.

27. Chris Ovens

Company: Modern Niagara

Job title: Executive Vice President — Strategy & Innovation

Former job title: President

Ovens provides outside-in expertise and perspective to the Modern Niagara senior executive team, as well as to manage the investments in innovation throughout Modern Niagara. This includes field technology and methods optimization, IoT of buildings, and new revenues stream opportunities.

28. Pierce Reynoldson

Company: Skanska

Job title: Senior VDC Manager — Metro NY

Former job title: VDC Manager

Reynoldson oversees planning, training and implementation of all VDC for Skanska in metropolitan New York.

29. Jennifer Suerth

Company: Pepper Construction

Job title: VP — Technical Services

Former job title: Integrated Construction Manager

Suerth advises project teams on constructability and implementation strategies throughout the early stages of project design and development, as well as provides leadership on construction, fabrication, LEAN, and facility management through the use of technology.

30. David Wilson

Company: Bechtel

Job title: Chief Innovation Officer

Former job title: Manager of Innovation and Virtual Project Delivery

Wilson manages Bechtel’s Future Fund, a program designed to encourage colleagues across the company to create, share, explore and develop new ideas to enhance performance and competitiveness.

31. Morgan Vawter

Company: Caterpillar

Job title: Chief Analytics Director

Former job title: Head of Data Management, Accenture Interactive North America

Vawter helps develop and provide predictive analytics capabilities to customers. Vawter works to maximize the use of data and analytics to optimize end-to-end business.

32. Travis Voss

Company: Mechanical, Inc.

Job title: Technology Manager

Former job title: Technical Lead/Sales Engineer

Voss helps Mechanical, Inc. get out ahead of the digital transformation in construction. He researches new technologies to see how they might benefit Mechanical, Inc., and works with partners to press the industry forward in tech utilization that benefits everyone.

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Roles created in 2017

33. Amrita Bajwa

Company: Jacobs

Job title: Virtual Design & Construction Lead — West Area

Former job title: Practice Technology Manager

Bajwa develops innovative strategies to implement in existing and new projects to improve workflows.

Ajoy Bhattacharya34. Ajoy Bhattacharya

Company: Suffolk

Job title: Senior Director of Innovation and New Technologies

Former job title: Director IT Infrastructure

Bhattacharya oversees the introduction of new technologies that will change the construction experience across Suffolk’s national offices. He works on researching new technologies to solve complex problems and creates go-to-market strategies to introduce these technologies to the construction operations teams.

Ryan Blackmon35. Ryan Blackmon

Company: LStar Ventures

Job title: Vice President of Advanced Technologies

Former job title: Assistant General Counsel

Blackmon leads LStar Venture’s Smart Cities and Sustainability initiatives at Union Point, focused on creating the leading technologically advanced and environmentally conscious development in the world.

36. Josh Bone

Company: DEWALT

Job title: Construction Technology Specialist

Former job title: Principal Specialist, Material Management

As the Construction Technology Specialist at DeWalt, Bone helps implement strategies to create a cordless yet connected jobsite.

37. Mark da Gama Rose 

Company: Clayco

Job title: VDC Operations Manager

Former job title: Design Technology Manager

Da Gama Rose is the VDC Operations Manager for Clayco and helps implement VDC practices into Clayco’s processes to ensure an effective design-build experience.

38. Hilda Espinal

Company: CannonDesign

Job title: Chief Technology Officer

Former job title: CTO, VP

Espinal is responsible for the evolution and implementation of the firm’s computational tools and workflows, augmented and virtual reality, building information modeling, and advanced building analysis and visualization.

39. John Jurewicz

Company: Walbridge

Job title: Leader Technology Optimization

Former job title: General Manager

Jurewicz identifies, researches, recommends, implements, and optimizes technology solutions that have value across his entire organization as well as addressing needs specific to Walbridge clients. This includes improvements to data capture, streamlining startup and closeout processes as well organizational training and implementation to increase the overall skill level of Walbridge’s operations.

40. Aaron Landolt 

Company: Enerfab

Job title: VP — Strategy and Innovation

Former job title: VP, Business Development

Landolt works to bring innovation and rapidly evolving construction technology to Enerfab.

41. Kris Lengieza

Company: Stiles

Job title: VP of Operational Excellence

Former job title: Director of VDC

Lengieza leads the Stiles team in continuous improvement efforts focused around safety, technology, QA/QC, analytics, and innovation.

42. Filippo Lodi 

Company: UNStudio

Job title: Head of Innovation and Knowledge Management

Former job title: Innovation Manager / Knowledge Platform Coordinator

Lodi is Head of Innovation and Knowledge Management at UNStudio, a Dutch architectural design studio specializing in architecture, urban development and infrastructural projects. He works to bring the most innovative methods and practices to the UNStudio team.

43. Terrence McNamara

Company: A. Teichert & Son, Inc.

Job title: Director of Technology Innovation

Former job title: Business Analysis and Technology Systems Manager

McNamara provides technology strategy and direction, consulting for business groups to innovate, and introduction of new technologies or processes.

44. Lars Olsen

Company: Rockwell Partners

Job title: Director of Innovation

Former job title: Associate

Olsen identifies, selects, and assesses the potential impact of all new technology, as well as oversees implementation at Rockwell Partners.

45. Anthony Rosignolo

Company: Berglund Construction

Job title: Director of Technology & Innovation

Former job title: BIM Manager

Rosignolo is the Directory of Technology & Innovation for Berglund Construction, a Chicago-based general contractor that provides restoration of facades, historic preservation, general construction, construction management, design build, pre-construction, and interior build-out and renovation services.

46. Hannah Santiago

Company: City of San Antonio

Job title: Senior Innovation Specialist (Smart Cities)

Former job title: Strategic Planner

Santiago is a part of the City of San Antonio’s Innovation Team and works to find solutions through assessment of business performance, deploy project management methods to manage high-profile projects, and research best practices to to introduce new ideas to the organization.

47. Stacy Scopano

Company: Skanska USA

Job title: Vice President of Innovation

Former job title: Senior Strategist

Scopano is responsible for developing a company wide culture of open innovation, while facilitating various research and development efforts.

48. Chip Staples

Company: APTIM

Job title: Chief Innovation and Technology Officer

Former job title: Executive Managing Director

Staples is the Chief Innovation and Technology Officer at APTIM, a multi-billion dollar firm focuses on operations and maintenance, environmental engineering and consulting, design and build, and program management.

Benjamin Stephenson49. Benjamin Stephenson

Company: Pepper Construction

Job title: Technical Services Manager

Former job title: Assistant Manager, VDC

Stephenson is responsible for developing, implementing, optimizing, and supporting the delivery of construction services by leveraging building information modeling and other technically integrated collaborative tools.

50. Bryan Van Kampen

Company: Ozinga 

Job title: Data Architect

Former job title: Business Systems Analyst

As a data architect, Van Kampen designs and builds relational databases for data storage and processing, and develops strategies for warehouse implementation, data acquisition, and archive recovery.