2018 News Rewind – BuiltWorlds’ Most Popular News Stories


2018 was a big year, both for BuiltWorlds and the built world. Our industry saw a lot of changes and new trends. As we sign off 2018 and turn our attention to 2019, we wanted to look at the most popular news articles from each month, chart the path the built industry took over the course of 2018.

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  • August: Another interesting construction tech play, Autodesk acquired Assemble Systems in July. Following the acquisition, BuiltWorlds sat down with Assemble president Don Henrich to talk with him about the change and how the company fits in Autodesk’s substantial portfolio.
  • September: With 2018 being such an exciting year for the venture section of the built industry. BuiltWorlds had an opportunity to catch up with Darren Bechtel, Founder & Managing Director of Brick and Mortar Venture. Catch up with the interview here.
  • October: Keeping with the Venture theme, BuiltWorlds had a chance to speak with Jesse Devitte, co-founder of Borealis, about his new fund, Building Venture.
  • November: In the digital age, the use and leveraging of data have become vitally important. Triax Technologies, Traveler’s Companies, and Gilbane Building Company recently announced a collaboration to share data collected on job sites to increase safety and lower premiums. BuiltWorlds covered this new development and what the implications are for the rest of the industry.
  • December: Right after Jesse Devitte’s new fund, Building Ventures, announced it closed a $53 million of fundraising, BuiltWorlds took a look back at Jesse’s involvement at BuiltWorlds.