Through our Lens: Looking Back on the Emerging Tech of 2017

As emerging tech can pop up from anywhere, BuiltWorlds took our cameras to directly the source of wherever THAT tech came from over the previous year. Following up on our first-annual Innovation Report, we take a look back through our lens at some of those technological agents of change that are setting the bar higher each day for safety, efficiency, and automation.

Safety first, our most watched video this year. We traveled to the Ekso Bionics headquarters in San Francisco to see how their revolutionary products are radically changing how we think about safety on the jobsite. Designed and built for construction sites, factories, and manufacturing facilities, their solutions reduce the stress and strain of high-frequency and long-duration activities that take a toll on the body over time. See their upcoming release, the yet to be named “vest” in action for the first time. 

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Here’s Gita from century-old company Piaggio Fast Forward. We got the in-depth info from their COO, Sasha Hoffman on the unmanned cargo carrier with 3D mapping capabilities that could revolutionize how we improve efficiency and safety on our jobsites.  

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We got on the horn with from David Bruemmer, CTO of 5D Robotics, to talk about how they want to safely transform transports on jobsites and yards with a hyper-positioning software and sensor-based platform that alters existing vehicles into autonomous vehicles. How does the technology work? How can it improve construction jobsite safety? Check it out. 

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