Nine Construction Tech Solutions Leveraging AI to Disrupt the AEC Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of the construction industry, innovation is key to staying ahead, and artificial intelligence has emerged as a transformative force. Innovative solutions are reshaping the way construction projects are planned, monitored, and executed. From streamlining progress tracking with drone-captured data to expediting concept exploration through AI-powered visualizations, these technologies are revolutionizing construction management.

BuiltWorlds’ Venture Dashboard monitors deals in the built environment and provides an opportunity to glean detailed insights into focus areas, funding rounds, and key investors. Companies featured on the list below, each distinguished by notable AI-powered offerings and recent funding, have a high potential to make an impact within the AEC industry.

  • AI Clearing - AI Clearing simplifies construction progress monitoring by using machine learning and drone-captured data. Their platform generates comprehensive 3D site reports and offers automated 4D geospatial analytics, reducing reporting cycles and providing actionable insights through online dashboards and PDF reports.
  • Novarc Technologies - Novarc’s Spoon Welding Robot (SWR) boots productivity, shop capacity, and quality of work. Its technology integrates artificial intelligence to enhance the precision and efficiency of welding processes in manufacturing and construction.
  • OnSiteIQ - OnSiteIQ is a platform that caters to real estate owners and developers. It provides current and relevant information about their portfolios. OnSiteIQ uses AI and computer vision to analyze 360-degree imagery from construction sites to generate safety risk assessment reports. Site managers can also monitor the progress of their projects through the platform's footage.
  • OpenSpace - OpenSpace Track is a platform that uses computer vision and machine learning to quantify completed work, compare it with the project schedule, and provide percent complete calculations. It offers comprehensive dashboards, charts, and tables that help reduce delays, increase productivity, and optimize budgets.
  • Pirros - Pirros is an AI-driven detail management system that enables companies to quickly reference their design-related details and accompanying data, reducing the amount of time spent on manual designing and drafting.
  • SiteAware - SiteAware's Build-To-Plan solution automates element verification at construction sites to ensure project accuracy. It uses AI to identify non-plan elements and provides real-time feedback to help teams uncover errors, prioritize fixes, and improve efficiency.
  • Togal.AI - Togal.AI is a preconstruction software that uses AI to help estimators detect, measure, compare, and label project spaces and features on architectural drawings. This speeds up the bidding process, allowing contractors and subcontractors to submit bids faster.
  • Urbint - Urbint uses AI to prevent incidents, protect assets, and ensure workers' safety. The software identifies potential risks in advance, providing decision-makers with a clear view of potential dangers up to a week in advance so they can take proactive measures to prevent incidents.
  • Versatile - Versatile is a hardware and software solution that records data from site cranes during the pick cycle. The software platform analyzes this data, providing insights into production rates and anomalies to improve performance across the jobsite.


Audrey Lynch is a research analyst at BuiltWorlds.