BuiltWorlds Session: Justin Schwaiger, Director of Customer Success, Manufacton

Justin Schwaiger, Director of Customer Success at Manufacton sits with us at the 2022 Americas Summit that took place September 7-8 in Chicago, IL to discuss what he sees as one of the most important elements in the evolving construction industry – modularization and prefabrication.

Manufacton is a cloud-based software as a service platform that’s focused on offsite construction. Schwaiger believes that one of the largest hurdles to this critical emerging technology is the lack of communication and ability to track where the prefabricated parts to a construction project are and when they will be delivered to the job site. Manufacton allows real-time information sharing that keep companies in the loop so they can further streamline their projects and ensure they’re delivering on time.

Schwaiger says he thinks that collaboration is going to be a key in moving the construction tech industry forward as a whole. He says that Manufacton has done its best to view themselves as collaborators and not competitors in the industry. He continues to say that what he does view as competition is the inertia of the industry. Meaning that if they can push more and more companies to understand and adopt modular project types, then all companies that are focused on that area of the industry will be benefactors.

Alongside collaboration Schwaiger talks about how he sees standardization as an equally important piece to the modular and prefabrication industry. He says that by standardizing the parts that manufacturers develop throughout the industry would give owners and builder the confidence and security in knowing that they’re ordering/receiving and ultimately using the right part. Schwaiger says that not only would standardization help grow the use of modular components, it would also just simply make designing and building easier and quicker for everyone involved in the project.

BuiltWorlds hosts weekly analyst calls for members via Zoom. If you’re interested in hearing more about Manufacton and where the world of modularization and prefabrication is headed join us on December 14, 2022 for our final analyst call of the hear as Schwaiger will be joining us for an in-depth presentation. Find out more information and register for the call here.