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Using HoloBuilder’s mobile reality capture solutions, construction and real estate professionals are able to create and share digital, 360° replicas of their jobsites and buildings. Through quick digitalization of information, HoloBuilder’s platform allows reduced travel, transaction, and legal costs throughout the entire building lifecycle.

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When Construction Robots Say You’re Behind Schedule, And Seven Other Talks on Changes to How We Monitor Project Progress

Andrew Cameron, Hensel Phelps talks robotics and reality capture at our Project Delivery Conference. As Franco Giaquinto, Founder and CEO of Latin American construction software company IPSUM, illustrated on this past week’s Demo Call, few project controls conventions are under more assault right now than the Project Schedule. State of the art used to mean […]

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Radar – Our Selection of Innovative Businesses #15: 8 Solutions to Bring Construction Out of the Public Health Crisis

This article was contributed by Leonard as part of the BuiltWorlds Verified Contributor Program. While the resumption of work at construction sites is a good omen, it also poses a major challenge for the health of the workers involved. Many start-ups are proposing to support the resumption of work and innovating to facilitate compliance with […]

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2020 Smart Jobsite 50 List

For more in-depth analysis on the technology making the construction jobsite safer, smarter, and more efficient, access the 2020 BuiltWorlds Construction Technology Report (available for BuiltWorlds Members). SEARCH THE BUILTWORLDS COMPANY DIRECTORY BY TYPE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SIMILAR BUILT TECH PROVIDERS Welcome to the 2020 Smart Jobsite 50 List! The construction jobsite is an […]

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2018 Smart Jobsite 50 List

We are excited to present to you the 2018 Connected Job Site 50 List, the easiest way to understand the companies changing the future of job sites through IoT-enabled, data collecting products and systems. Read on to see who made the list.

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2018 Venture Investors 50 List

Earlier this year BuiltWorlds released its first ever list highlighting venture investors within the built environment. We saw major names like Brick & Mortar, Tech Stars, and the Autodesk Forge Fund, among other venture funds, accelerators, and strategic investors. It’s time we expand on that. We have found it imperative to keep our network informed […]

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Top 27 Venture Players

Updated 5/14: As we approach our first ever BuiltWorlds Venture Conference, we wanted to bring back our report highlighting 27 Venture Players in the Built World. If you have already looked through our report, we recommend taking a second look as you prepare for thought-provoking panels and discussion at the conference. If this is the […]

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2020 Construction Technology Report: Adoption and Effectiveness of Preconstruction, Project Management, and In-The-Field Solutions

The Built World is changing, accelerated by technological advancement from leading providers, emerging startups, venture players, innovative construction and engineering firms, and many other actors from inside and outside of the built environment. However, with the abundance of solutions available today, construction and technology leaders face difficult challenges when tasked with identifying, understanding, implementing, and […]

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