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News is breaking in the built world every day, whether it's an innovative new project breaking ground or a new product announcement. But no news is helpful unless it's in context. Enter the BuiltWorlds Analyst Briefings. Each week, one of our Analysts will produce a short, detailed story covering the most important and exciting developments. Our goal is the help our readers figure out how the day's news actually affects them and their business. Short, punchy, and easy-to-read, the Analysts Briefings are not breaking the news. Instead, they contextualize what's happening in the built world, and parse out why what's happening is important and what sort of impact it will have.

New $1.4B Falcons Stadium will soar on sustainability

January 8, 2015

Atlanta’s Falcons are already on vacation, but construction crews are
working through the winter on the team’s new home, on track to make it the
first-ever LEED platinum-certified football stadium when it opens in 2017.

Bridging tech divide to bring safe access to remote villages

December 23, 2014

Bridges to Prosperity’s work in Rwanda has served as a proving ground for
the fusion of simplicity + technology, with the aim of eliminating poverty
wherever isolation is to blame. B2P alum Andrew Seelaus reports.

Our first ‘Speak & Connect’ hits it out of the park!

November 14, 2014

Thanks so much to everyone who attended our first-ever ‘Speak & Connect’
event on Nov. 6. We definitely feel the momentum building here at
BuiltWorlds and the electricity that arrived with you all that evening is
still illuminating our offices today.

From Smart Buildings to Smart Cities, Mapping Digital DNA

November 12, 2014

If Big, Infinite Data is a key for cities evolving into Smart Cities, then
a question arises as to the hierarchy of data prioritization. In other
words, where does a city start?

One on One with IrisVR’s Founder, Shane Scranton

August 4, 2014

IrisVR’s founder, Shane Scranton, recently sat down with Burnham Works to
talk about his new product and how it will shape the future of
architectural renderings and the 3D marketplace.

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