2021 Preconstruction 50 List

Welcome to the 2021 Preconstruction 50! This list features the leading companies offering cutting edge preconstruction technology.  In this list we explore the innovative preconstruction solutions in the areas of Bid Management, Concept Estimating - Value Engineering - Life Cycle Costing - & Design Assistance, Estimating, Modeling & Simulation, Pre-Qualification, & Scheduling.

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Bid Management Leader


BuildingConnected allows contractors to send invitations to bid, qualify vendors, & track opportunities.

Preconstruction Benchmarking - Bid Management Top Solution: BuildingConnected was selected as a Top Solution in the Bid Management category of our Preconstruction Benchmarking Surveys.  BuiltWorlds collects solution utilization rates and effectiveness levels from our AEC members, and BuiltWorlds awards the top solutions in each category that have achieved a baseline level of market penetration and have a high level of user satisfaction.  View our full-year 2020 Preconstruction Survey Results report here.


Seamlessly connect your entire team with a single platform that houses budgets, drawings, change orders, forecasts and more.

Dodge Data & Analytics

Research, plan and prepare construction project bids and proposals - all in one place.


Use iSqFt’s online bid management software to access and supplement your private database of subs and vendors, send bid invitations, share project documents, track coverage, and reduce your risk.


A cloud-based, construction bidding app and management software that facilitates the bidding process between General Contractors, Subcontractors, & Suppliers.



Help bid managers reduce turnaround time with a single platform for creating bid packages, finding the strongest possible bids, and converting bids to subcontracts.

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team


SmartBid easily manages subcontractor data, sends invitations to bid & compares proposals.


From structural analysis and computational fluid dynamics to injection molding simulation and advanced, cloud-enabled capabilities powered by Abaqus, SolidWorks provides integrated analysis tools to help visualize project feasibility and ensure accurate bidding proposals.


StratusVue is a technology company that enhances collaboration and efficiency for the commercial construction environment through its fully integrated suite of cloud-based software solutions. Developed specifically for the construction industry, StratusVue provides role-based project and document management for all stakeholders from design through building operation.



Togal.AI solves the most time-consuming part in the bidding process by utilizing cutting-edge deep machine learning technology to analyze blueprints.

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team



AEC Collection (Autodesk)

The AEC Collection provides designers, engineers, and contractors a set of BIM and CAD tools that support projects from early-stage design through to construction.

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team

B2W Software

B2W Software's ONE Platform includes advanced, unified applications to manage estimating, scheduling, field tracking, equipment maintenance, data capture and business intelligence.


Bldbox is redefining (and standardizing) conceptual estimating with BS (Before Schematic) Estimating. They are building a platform that helps general contractors and commercial real estate developers to estimate the cost of new construction projects by leveraging their historical project information.


Building System Planning, Inc. is a software development company focused on bringing intelligence to system coordination within the field of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Using heuristic algorithms and semantic ontologies, BSP is revolutionizing how systems within buildings are coordinated.

Destini (Beck Tech)

Beck Technology's Destini Construction Estimating Software is designed for flexibility and customization at every stage of the estimating process.


The Join platform enables teams to make better design and construction decisions and unlock dramatic improvements in project delivery by connecting projects and people to data.

Comment from Join

"Join is a first-of-its-kind platform that was created to serve the rising role of preconstruction in the built world. preconstruction teams are overworked and underserved by digital tools. Join is here to help teams stop wasting time organizing information and to focus on adding value to projects through data and insights."


Modelogix (Trimble)

Modelogix ties to data from any leading cost-tracking solution—including Microsoft Excel, WinEst, Vico and others. Data is stored and managed in a user defined cost structure and readily accessible, as needed, throughout your company.

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team

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Assemble (Autodesk)

Integrate BIM into the estimating process by easily collaborating on 3D models in real time – communicate scope clearly with 3D visualization. You can perform faster takeoff from the 3D model by easily pulling the quantities from the model into your estimate eliminating the need for time consuming traditional processes.

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team


Corecon Technologies

Corecon Technologies provides estimating and project management software solutions for general contractors, subcontractors, custom homebuilders and engineering firms. Utilizing the latest cloud technologies, the Corecon software suite provides anywhere, anytime connectivity enabling construction teams to make quick and informed decisions whether via browser or mobile app.

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team

Heavybid (HCSS)

Bid faster and smarter with estimating & bidding software trusted by 50,000+ heavy construction estimators.


Ineight's project cost management solutions help you create more accurate and timely project estimates, increase your forecasting accuracy and improve the anticipated project ROI.


Joyne is automating the estimating and materials purchasing process for the building and construction industry via artificial intelligence and machine learning.

OnCenter (ConstructConnect)

OnCenter can accelerate your bid estimation process, allowing you to submit more bids in professional packages, and win more profitable projects.


Pype (Autodesk)

Pype provides innovative construction software solutions that enable project teams to start projects faster and finish stronger. Pype automates submittal log generation along with project closeout processes using machine learning.

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team


Construction takeoff and estimating software created by contractors for contractors.

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Management - f/k/a Timberline (Sage)

Formerly Timberline Software, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Management provides end-to-end construction and property management software providing functionality for reducing risk, improving visibility, and managing a full project or property portfolio.

Estimating Leader

WinEst (Trimble)

Trimble estimation solutions for contractors and owners help reduce the complexity of delivering accurate construction estimates throughout the entire construction process.

Preconstruction Benchmarking - Estimating Top Solution: Trimble was selected as a Top Solution in the Estimating category of our Preconstruction Benchmarking Surveys.  BuiltWorlds collects solution utilization rates and effectiveness levels from our AEC members, and BuiltWorlds awards the top solutions in each category that have achieved a baseline level of market penetration and have a high level of user satisfaction.  View our full-year 2020 Preconstruction Survey Results report here.

Comment from Trimble

"Over 8,000 MEP contractor companies across North America utilize one of Trimble MEP’s software solutions. Of the 600 MEP companies named in Engineering News Record’s (ENR’s) top 600, 92% of these companies use Trimble MEP solutions. Our solutions go beyond point solutions, providing connected end-to-end workflows within this space from estimating to detailing to layout. Trimble MEP is the established industry leader (with approximately 20,000 users) in estimating and takeoff solutions with our Accubid (electrical), AutoBid (mechanical), and Trimble Estimation Desktop (electrical/mechanical) solutions."

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team



Archilogic is a platform that makes it easy for real estate professionals to use digital representations of their space to solve meaningful problems and deliver powerful experiences.


AutoCAD (Autodesk)

AutoCAD is computer-aided design (CAD) software that architects, engineers, and construction professionals rely on to create precise 2D and 3D drawings.

Nemetschek Group

BIMx by Graphisoft (Nemetschek Group)

Graphisoft empowers teams to create great architecture, through award-winning software solutions, learning programs, and professional services for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. BIMx extends the BIM experience to include all stakeholders in the building design, delivery, and operations lifecycle.

Comment from Graphisoft

"BIMx features the ‘BIM Hyper-model’ – a game-like navigation tool that helps even non-professionals easily explore the building model and understand project deliverables."

FARO Scene

FARO develops and manufactures leading edge solutions that enable high-precision 3D capture, measurement and analysis across a variety of industries including manufacturing, construction, engineering and public safety.



Helix is a facilitator of digital twins using laser scanning, photogrammetry, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

BuiltWorlds Demo Drop Recording

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team


IrisVR offers immersive VR walkthroughs in one click. Works with SketchUp, Revit, Navisworks, Rhino files in Oculus Rift, HTC Vive + 360 panoramas in Gear VR, Cardboard, Daydream.

Modeling Leader badge

Navisworks (Autodesk)

Navisworks project review software improves BIM (Building Information Modeling) coordination by combining design and construction data into a single model, identifying and resolving clash and interference problems, and aggregating data from multiple trades to better control outcomes.

Preconstruction Benchmarking - Modeling Top Solution: NavisWorks was selected as a Top Solution in the Modeling category of our Preconstruction Benchmarking Surveys.  BuiltWorlds collects solution utilization rates and effectiveness levels from our AEC members, and BuiltWorlds awards the top solutions in each category that have achieved a baseline level of market penetration and have a high level of user satisfaction.  View our full-year 2020 Preconstruction Survey Results report here.


Recap (Autodesk)

Use ReCap Pro 3D scanning software to transform the physical world into a digital asset. With reality capture data you can better understand and verify existing and as-built conditions to gain insights and make better decisions.

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team


Revit (Autodesk)

Use Revit BIM (Building Information Modeling) software to drive efficiency and accuracy across the project lifecycle, from conceptual design, visualization, and analysis to fabrication and construction.

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team


Strayos boosts your jobsite efficiency with simple, powerful aerial data analytics software.aStrayos is a 3D visual intelligence platform that creates digital twins of sites using AI and data gathered by drones, satellites, scanners, smart drills, & sensors, etc.

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Compass (Bespoke Metrics)

Bespoke Metrics is a data management and analytical model development company. They blend expertise in data control, model development, and user interface to provide innovative solutions for industries looking to utilize data to its fullest.

Comment from Bespoke Metrics

"Savings & efficiencies achieved through use of Compass:

  • Better risk management
  • Vetting of subcontractors
  • Reduction in time needed to complete pre-qualifications
  • Better re-distribution of time spent on riskier subcontractors"

Textura (Oracle)

Oracle Textura Payment Management increases efficiency and control in construction payment management through a collaborative subcontractor invoicing and payment software system. The cloud solution streamlines and automates processes to accelerate payment, mitigate risk, and improve cash flow.


TradeTapp (Autodesk)

TradeTapp improves subqualification and analysis, and mitigates risk sooner with automated recommendations.


Vertikal offers multiple service levels with a variety of options to help you streamline your prequalification process, so you can organize, simplify and monitor potential risks of those business relationships in a way that suits your needs.


Alice Technologies

ALICE Technologies

Use ALICE to create your optimal project schedule and resource mix. During construction, mitigate delays by using ALICE to generate corrective schedules automatically.

Comment from ALICE Technologies

"ALICE is the world's first AI-powered construction simulation platform. Founded in 2015 based on research from Stanford University, ALICE leverages artificial intelligence to analyze a project's complex building requirements and generate highly efficient building schedules. ALICE enables contractors and owners to plan, bid, and build more effectively, reducing construction times and labor costs by $30 million for a typical $500 million construction project. ALICE Technologies works with construction leaders in the infrastructure, industrial, and commercial construction segments, such as Parsons, HDCC, and Kajima Corporation."

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team

Asta Powerproject

Asta Powerproject is used by over 80,000 schedulers worldwide. It is cost effective, and packed with powerful features to make achieving on-time, on-cost delivery across numerous projects.

B2W Software

B2W Software empowers and inspires heavy civil construction companies to win more work and complete it more profitably. The company’s ONE Platform includes advanced, unified applications to manage estimating, scheduling, field tracking, equipment maintenance, data capture and business intelligence. A common source for operational data ensures accuracy and efficiency, and data flows logically across the platform in real time, creating differentiating opportunities for clients to collaborate across workflows and optimize performance.



Bridgit is workforce intelligence for the construction industry. Founded in 2014, Bridgit eliminates the complexity of managing your workforce and provides forward-looking insights to drive efficiency and planning effectiveness. Bridgit works with leaders in the construction industry like Skanska, Balfour Beatty, Ryan Companies, among others.

Comment from Bridgit

"Savings achieved through use of tool:

  • Increase manager engagement rate by 50%
  • Reduce workforce data updates by 80-90%
  • Reduce resource planning meetings by 50%
  • Reduce time spent on resource planning by 60%
  • Reduction of new hire costs"


BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team



Civalgo links work scheduling to performance tracking and advanced productivity analytics, collects speeds of execution—inside customizable WBS/CBS, and uses AI to forecast costs, time, and field resources (labor, materials, equipment) to be maximized. Other Key features links master/long term scheduling and short-term operational 3-week work scheduling for dynamic progress of the work in real time, calculations of workforce workloads, mobile and tablet app, SMS team notifications and third-party integration.

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team



IPSUM is building software to improve the scheduling and planning process of any type of construction project. Their software ProPlanner helps contractors perform the entire scheduling process with one verticalized solution, along with generating data, insights, and dashboards.

BuiltWorlds Demo Drop Recording

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team

Primavera (Oracle)

Manage projects of any size with Primavera P6 EPPM. Robust, and easy-to-use, Primavera P6 EPPM is the solution for globally prioritizing, planning, managing, and executing projects, programs, and portfolios.

RIB iTWO 4.0

RIB Software SE is a Germany-based multinational company providing construction and building information modelling software to customers in the architecture, engineering, real estate, and process industries. RIB Software allows builders and contractors the ability to plan projects and schedules more efficiently.

Synchro (Bentley)

Synchro is a complete portfolio of integrated software and services for digital construction management. Together, they enable construction firms to win projects, deliver them more efficiently, and get paid, improving the use of data to optimize decision-making, resourcing, and profitability.

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