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We are excited to present to you the 2018 Connected Job Site 50 List, the easiest way to understand the companies changing the future of job sites through IoT-enabled, data collecting products and systems. Read on to see who made the list.



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Drones / Mapping

1. DroneBase

DroneBase helps to track, map, survey, and manage job sites through providing a network of qualified drone pilots who are trained to fly for construction. Come see them at the BuiltWorlds Projects LA Connected Job Site Expo

2. DroneDeploy

DroneDeploy is a cloud-based automated drone mapping software turning aerial imagery and video from any drone into actionable insights while stimulating collaboration across stakeholders from anywhere in the world.

3. Hangar Technologies

Hangar brings together data software, drone hardware, networks of certified pilots, and developers into one integrated platform. Its data acquisition platform extends insights beyond delivery and into operations and maintenance, ensuring projects stay on-time and on-budget.

4. 3DR

3DR is a drone data platform specifically for the AEC industries. Their easy-to-use, fully automated software provides point clouds, 3D meshes, or contours to inform and connect those on site with stakeholders. Come see them at the BuiltWorlds Projects LA Connected Job Site Expo

5. SiteAware

SiteAware enhances job site monitoring with situation-aware drones bringing daily project progress updates and actionable 3D data to stakeholders.

6. Unearth Labs

Unearth’s collaboration software connects people, places, and plans (blueprints, specifications, spatial measures, and more) in real-time, allowing both the office and field to collaborate at the same time. Come see them at the BuiltWorlds Projects LA Connected Job Site Expo

7. Uplift Data Partners

Uplift’s drone pilot network and turnkey data service helps industry leaders capture and analyze aerial data to prevent rework, reduce waste, increase safety, and improve margins.

Tools & Equipment / Machinery

8. 5D Robotics

5D enables the automation of industrial equipment. Their two tools, 5D Position Engine and Behavior Engine, can integrate into your existing fleet of vehicles and equipment, turning them into ‘smart’ robotics solutions.

9. Apis Cor

Apis Cor has developed the first mobile construction 3D printer, capable of printing entire buildings on site. Apis Cor claims to cut costs by 40% in comparison to traditional construction methods.

10. Construction Robotics

Construction Robotics is a robotic and automation equipment manufacturer. Its first machine, SAM100, is a robotic bricklayer for on-site masonry construction. Its second and most recent machine, MULE, is a lift assist device for safer handling and placing of materials weighing up to 135 lbs on construction sites.

11. DeWalt Tool Connect

DeWalt has created a three-part inventory management solution to connect and track your tools across multiple job sites and collect data from their mobile app automatically bringing you real-time information.

12. Fastbricks

Fastbricks has created a dynamic stabilization machine that reacts to wind, vibration, and other factors instantly, enabling precise positioning of heavy objects on your job site.

13. Milwaukee Tool One-Key

One-Key is the first digital platform for tools and equipment tracking, combining an inventory program with Milwaukee Tools’s innovative set of existing industry tools. Come see them at the BuiltWorlds Projects LA Connected Job Site Expo

14. MX3D

MX3D’s robotic 3D printing technology prints steel, metal or resin structures in virtually any size or shape for manufacturing purposes.

15. ShareMyToolbox

ShareMyToolbox is a mobile application that connects employees to a company’s tool catalog to give users access to tools and assets available in the warehouse or field.

16. Truck IT

Truck IT is a cloud-based application for the scheduling and payment of dump truck services. It allows users to access real-time information on dump truck availability in their market.

17. Bosch Bluehound

Bosch Bluehound is a cloud-based tracking solution improving transparency between the warehouse and the job site. Their mobile-first platform allows you to track, manage and localize working assets at all times.

People / Collaboration

18. Arvizio

Arvizio has created the industry’s first mixed reality server platform using its advanced spatial data engine to bring large scale 3D data to your 3D viewing devices in the field.

19. Astralink

Astralink is a Quality Assurance platform for the construction industry, using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to bridge the gap between BIM models and real-life construction field work.


DAQRI produces AR technology to be used on the job site, including their Smart Glasses and Worksense software.

21. Grit Virtual

Grit Virtual’s VR-based construction management software is re-imagining the way that project teams interact with their schedule. They are taking the 3D nature of virtual reality and advancing it into the fourth dimension with planning software. Come see them at the BuiltWorlds Projects LA Connected Job Site Expo

22. Imajion

Imajion has created a mixed reality construction management platform revolutionizing communication on the job site by blending digital objects and information.

23. IrisVR

IrisVR’s easy-to-use VR platform focuses on the architecture, construction, and engineering industries to stimulate collaboration in virtual space, no matter the physical location of each individual involved.

24. RealWear

RealWear produces a voice-driven, hands-free, head-mounted solution to connect workers with PDF documents and maintenance and assembly manuals on the job and in the field.

25. XOi Technologies

XOi has developed head-mounted, wearable computing technology that provides real-time visual and audible intelligence for the field service industries, as well as the back-end software that organizes and manages the data and content created. Come see them at the BuiltWorlds Projects LA Connected Job Site Expo


26. BellHawk Systems

BellHawk software uses mobile data collection, barcode scanning, and printing technologies to provide real-time inventory, materials, and operations tracking for existing ERP, CRM, and other backend software.

27. Concrete Sensors

Concrete Sensors’ sensors are embedded in concrete prior to pouring and connect with mobile devices to report the concrete’s strength and drying time, preventing the need for removing material to test the concrete.

28. Intelliwave: SiteSense

Intelliwave Technologies (SiteSense) produces mobile-based software solutions for RFID and GPS identification and tracking of construction materials speeding up the locating of materials in the field by 10X. Come see them at the BuiltWorlds Projects LA Connected Job Site Expo

29. Jovix: Atlas RFID Solutions

Jovix seeks to reduce fabrication delays and other material readiness issues by collecting, processing, and presenting actionable data in a graphical format; allowing laborers to focus on using their tools.

30. Track ‘em

Using barcode, RFID, and GPS technologies, Track’em offers material, quality, progress, and time control systems to track and optimize company resources.

31. X-B-E

X-B-E coordinates the movement of materials by dump truck for the construction industry through their software platform bringing control of your materials to the palm of your hand.

Site Monitoring / Safety

32. busybusy

busybusy allows users to track their team and equipment from a mobile device and eliminates paper time cards, improving job costing, and simplifying the payroll process. Come see them at the BuiltWorlds Projects LA Connected Job Site Expo

33. Eyrus

Eyrus invisibly registers, records, and reports tradespeople entering and exiting the job site, providing worker identity verification via high-security entry structures on job sites. The technology also sends stakeholders real-time trade deployment data. Come see them at the BuiltWorlds Projects LA Connected Job Site Expo

COMPANY SNAPSHOT: Check out how Eyrus is disrupting the construction industry in our latest article: Job Site Transparency Where You Need it When You Need It

34. MSite

MSite is a biometric access security system and construction gate monitor that ensures site adherence to safety and security policies and tracks labor time and attendance.

35. Pillar Technologies

Pillar’s sensors attach to studs, columns, or other structures on the job site to detect smoke, dust, and other air issues so that workers can pinpoint problem areas.

36. Rhumbix

Rhumbix uses crew telematics to capture real-time field data from workers’ smartphones in order to increase construction productivity and safety through a simple-to-use mobile interface. Come see them at the BuiltWorlds Projects LA Connected Job Site Expo

37. Sensera

Sensera has created a variety of solar powered, wireless construction time-lapse cameras for the monitoring and security of construction sites. An additional benefit is real-time live site monitoring for all stakeholders.

38. smartvid.io

Smartvid automatically aggregates all of the digital data already being produced on a construction site into one platform to easily identify safety concerns with little added work.

39. Soloinsight

Soloinsight provides IoT solutions via an identification platform of integrated software and sensors that helps customers manage security, personnel, assets, and visitors.

40. Tenna

Tenna’s asset tracking software and physical tags integrate with GPS tracking solutions to provide physical asset planning, including location tracking, usage and service history, maintenance schedules, and documentation, all in the palm of your hand.

41. Triax Technologies

Triax Technologies has created the Spot-r Clip and the Spot-r Equiptag, wearable devices that provides real-time visibility into the job site, resulting in faster response to injuries, improved safety performance, and increased productivity and efficiency of equipment and people.

42. WeatherBuild

WeatherBuild leverages weather data, machine learning, and predictive analytics to enhance safety, and manage risk while optimizing uptime of crews and equipment, reducing the number of delays caused by weather problems. Come see them at the BuiltWorlds Projects LA Connected Job Site Expo


43. Faro

Faro brings 3D laser scanning to the AEC industry with detailed point clouds and highly accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings. Come see them at the BuiltWorlds Projects LA Connected Job Site Expo

44. HoloBuilder

HoloBuilder’s scanners offer construction professionals and real estate agents the opportunity to create and share 360° views of their buildings through 360° imagery and artificial intelligence.

45. Imerso

Imerso builds 3D scanning solutions for mobile devices, digitizing real-world spaces into 1:1 3D models in seconds via photo stitching technology.

46. Kaarta

Kaarta has produced a hand-held scanner capable of real-time 3D modeling. Its portable systems sense and instantly transform the environment around them with no reliance on GPS. Come see them at the BuiltWorlds Projects LA Connected Job Site Expo

47. Matterport

Matterport provides cloud-based 3D and virtual reality solutions to the real estate and AEC industries that allow users to create, modify, navigate, and build on digital representations of real places.

48. Paracosm

Paracosm is a 3D mapping software company that develops mobile reality capture, progress monitoring, and visualization solutions. They also developed the first hand-held lidar scanning product, the PX-80.

49. SKUR

SKUR provides cloud analytics and point-cloud software to verify as-built construction variations and catch issues with fabricated elements before they become a problem.

50. StructionSite

StructionSite’s construction documentation software integrates with 360° cameras providing searchable visual documentation to provide accountability and create communication efficiencies for work in-progress on the job site.

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