Takenaka Skyscraper Jobsite Tour: Exploring Tokyo’s Innovation Hub

As the inaugural Tokyo Summit unfolds this October, BuiltWorlds is set to orchestrate a powerful series of forum meetings on Tuesday, October 17— offering a glimpse into Tokyo’s prestigious Marunouchi district. The E&C Forum meeting, led by Takenaka, will feature an exclusive tour of the 1-2 Marunouchi skyscraper demolition project and Marine Holdings timber high-rise plans. Following the immersive site visit, attendees will gain insights into innovative tech innovations that are reshaping the AEC landscape, led by the demolition project’s site technology deployment manager. Below will be an overview of the 1-2 Marunouchi project along with a company highlight of Tokyo Summit Gold Sponsor and esteemed BuiltWorlds Member Company, Takenaka.

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                       © Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.

Marunouchi Demolition Project

Tokyo's Marine Nichido Insurance Building, designed by Kunio Maekawa was built in 1974 towering at a height of 108 meters, marking Marunouchi's first high-rise. Despite the historical significance and buzz around the building, evolving working styles and safety needs are taking precedent, marking the building to be under demolition this year.

Tokyo Marine Holdings will occupy the property, unveiling their timber high-risk office building. The project has a projected height of 100 meter and 23 floors, making it the world's largest wooden hybrid building. Tokyo Marine and its subsidiary have pledged to source domestic, fire-resistant timber for the project--both supporting the local timber industry and making the building disaster-resilient.

Since 1610, Takenaka has dedicated itself to the art of architecture, creating iconic buildings that leave a lasting impact on society. These architectural marvels embody the essence of their eras, passing on cultural legacies to future generations. Takenaka's commitment to transformative projects has greatly influenced Japan's society, economy. With groundbreaking engineering and technological advancements, they have extended their reach to the global stage.