Analyst Call– Reality Capture and Its Impact on Construction

September’s first analyst call focused on the integration of reality capture technology and its jobsite applications. This call offered attendees with insights that serve as a precursor to the upcoming discussions at the 2023 Americas Summit. The call was facilitated by BuiltWorlds Research Analyst, Sean Wrenn, and featured Roger Yarrow, COO, TrueLook; Joe Norris, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, TrueLook; and Matt Gendron, Southeast Territory Sales Manager, Propeller.

With a vast breadth of stakeholders in AEC projects comes an array of needs and expectations when it comes to smart jobsites and reality capture solutions. Users of these jobsite solutions anticipate a direct improvement with project efficiency, cost savings, safety enhancements, and better decision making. Softwares that meet these expectations are essential towards the continued growth and enhancement of innovation within the built world.

“What I find as I’m talking to folks in the industry, is that they are really looking for a Swiss army knife for what solves the most problems on their jobsite, and that’s gonna be different for everybody in the space from owners, developers to general contractors… I think all of these specific needs come into play when we look at what a smart job site truly is.” Joe Norris, TrueLook

The use of this tech within projects can be highly effective in organizing and managing data in both a structured and accessible manner for all stakeholders. These solutions enable the creation of in-depth digital representations of physical spaces, which can be utilized to silo data in a way to improve project management within a group.

“The more you add technology, the more it can become siloed. I think that’s where data goes to die is when you’re having to jump in and dive and analyze the data versus the insights bubbling to the top. When you have integrations and all the data sources feed together, it’s easier to catch something getting built in the wrong spot for example. If it’s someone who has to dive into the data and dig into it deeper, that’s when the challenges happen and you don’t end up utilizing [the data].” Matt Gendron, Propeller