BuiltWorlds US Summit 2021 Sessions: Anand Gajbhiye, Director of Construction Technologies, Joeris General Contractors

As solutions proliferate across an ever widening array of use cases, technology matures, and ever more money enters the sector, construction companies, architects, owners, developers, and engineers are beefing up teams dedicated to honing the right strategies to harness this technology in order to ensure their firms are competitive in the shifting landscape.  At BuiltWorlds, we call this new and growing group of players at traditional industry corporations, “the Adopters.” We catalogue them in our annual Adoption Leaders 50 List, survey them and help them benchmark their efforts through our Survey and Benchmarking program, gather them together for peer-to-peer learning and exploration in our Adoption Leaders Forum and continue to develop more tools and resources to help them make the best decisions for their firms in an increasingly complex landscape.

Anand Gajbhiye, Director of Construction Technologies, Joeris General Contractors, is an exemplary case study of a professional who has transitioned from a past as a “BIM Manager” to a more strategic role now in charting direction for a mid-sized to larger regional construction company.  In this session, hear his views on the future of the industry and particularly the transition toward a more modular, leaner, and more predictable, more efficient, higher quality and safer industry. Hear his perspective on technology as an enabler of innovation and the benefits of open innovation and peer-to-peer opportunities to develop innovative solutions to common pain points, and learn about his perspective on the emerging field of robotics in construction and how that exciting frontier area will play an increasingly important role in the construction industry of the future.