BuiltWorlds US Summit 2021 Sessions: Patrick Murphy, CEO, Togal.AI

At the BuiltWorlds US Summit this past September, we had a moment to hear a few words from Patrick Murphy, CEO, Togal.AI, an interesting startup, focused on the critical Preconstruction estimating sector. Estimating is a critical function for any contractor, and, in a world that is increasingly short on people, the ability to automate time consuming aspects of the estimating process is a particularly valuable offering.

Togal is interesting, too, because it is one of many promising tech companies borne out of industry players. In this case, Togal was conceived at Coastal Construction, a major Florida contractor, before being spun out and launched as an independent company.  In this session, hear from the firm’s CEO as he discusses the soft launch of the business, the origins of the idea, and what more is in store for the group.

Then, join us at Venture East in Miami this November 12th, as Murphy delves deeper into this case study in “intrapreneurship” and talks about the path from an idea inside one of the industry’s major corporations to a full-fledged commercial operation.