BuiltWorlds Session: Kathleen Egan, CEO, Ecomedes

Ecomedes is a vertical SaaS solution for cost-effective, sustainable commercial building products and projects. They digitize product discovery, research, and sustainability for A&Ds. Ecomedes helps manufacturers reach A&Ds with a digital, impact-aware, smart catalog giving them customer touches, leads, and industry-leading demand analytics.

Kathleen Egan, CEO of Ecomedes sat down with us during our 2022 Buildings Conference for a discussion about how Ecomedes is helping to reduce the cost and impact of buildings. Kathleen explains that one of the most exciting things happening with Ecomedes today is the work they’re doing with the largest building owner group in the United State – the Federal Government.

Kathleen continues to say that another very exciting development happening in the built ecosystem is the focus on all aspects of ESG instead of just the E & G.

One thing Egan points out that could help push the idea of sustainability further is developing a shared definition of what sustainability means. Across the entire industry, different people may have different definitions of what a sustainable building actually is. She thinks that by coming up with a shared definition of those parameters it would give builders a better understanding of the goals they’re trying to obtain.

Due to all of the groundbreaking work that Egan and Ecomedes has taken part in, Egan made our 2022 Mavericks 50 list that highlights industry leaders across 5 different categories. Egan was highlighted as a leading entrepreneur.

At the 2022 BuiltWorlds Americas Summit we will be honoring all of the Mavericks award recipients with a special dinner. The Summit will take place September 7-8 at the Willis Tower in Chicago, IL and is geared towards high level strategic thought leaders in the industry. This two day event is packed with panels and presentations and also feature snippets from the BuiltWorlds Benchmarking program which tracks data and insights from across the industry.

Tickets for the Summit as well as the Mavericks Dinner can be purchased here.