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A New Era for Modular Design and Construction

April 9, 2018

Over 90 percent of all global infrastructure projects, according to The Economist, are either over budget or late, perhaps due to today’s worldwide capital projects getting evermore complex and larger in scope. Labor costs comprise 20 to 50 percent of total project costs. Labor productivity has declined, hours have been […]

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence In Construction

March 7, 2018

From design, to project management, to jobsite safety, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we construct our world. AI comes at the perfect time as demonstrated by Statista’s projection of a 27% increase in construction spending in the coming years. Simultaneously, the construction labor force is shrinking. Therefore, construction […]

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Top Lists

2024 Mavericks 50 List

April 30, 2024

The 2023 BuiltWorlds Maverick Awards winners highlights 50 individuals who have acted as trendsetters and innovators in the built world, from architects and engineers to contractors, technologists, influencers, entrepreneurs, and urban designers.

2024 Sustainable Jobsites Top 50

April 17, 2024

Welcome to the 2024 Sustainable Jobsites 50! The Sustainable Jobsite 50 List was derived from a combination of the 2024 Sustainable Jobsite Survey data, direct industry research, member conversations & […]

2024 Preconstruction Top 50 List

March 27, 2024

Welcome to the 2024 Preconstruction 50! The Preconstruction 50 List was derived from a combination of the 2024 Preconstruction Survey data, direct industry research, member conversations & feedback, and case […]

2024 Building Tech 50 List

February 28, 2024

Welcome to the 2024 Building Tech 50! The Building Tech 50 List was derived from a combination of the 2024 Building Tech Survey data, direct industry research, member conversations & feedback, […]

2023 BuiltWorlds’ Top 50 Deals List

January 30, 2024

The BuiltWorlds 2023 Top Deals 50 is a list of the largest venture deals, VC funds raised, and acquisitions in the built world over the course of the year. Since […]

2023 Global Innovators 50 List

December 12, 2023

BuiltWorlds 4th annual list of 50 Global Innovators Welcome to the 4th annual Global Innovators List. BuiltWorlds recognition of a Global Innovator is a tribute to the industry-advancing role that […]

News & Analysis

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national institute of building science digital technology council

NIBS Responds to the Growing Importance of Digital Technology in Building

In response to the growing importance and diversity of digital technologies in building, the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) today announced it would be renaming its Building Information Management Council to the Digital Technology Council. While the Digital Technology Council will reportedly continue building upon the work started and […]

Efficient Solutions to Fragmented Financial Processes – A Breakdown of AEC Industry-focused Accounting & Payment Solutions

Members: Click Here to Watch the Recording BuiltWorlds’ May 15 analyst call centered around innovations in accounting and payment processes, which are complex and often challenging components in construction project management. The session featured presentations from three companies that are making significant progress in improving the fragmented financial processes that […]

construction equipment on a commercial jobsite using alternative fuels

Research Shows Stage is Set for Alternative Fuel Adoption in Construction

In response to the increasing volatility of fuel prices as well as rising ESG requirements and expectations, construction companies and other heavy equipment users are more often considering alternatives when developing sustainable, long-term fuel strategies. That was one of the key findings of BuiltWorlds’ recently released 2024 Sustainable Jobsites Benchmarking […]

Mechanized industry robot and robotic arms for assembly in factory production . Concept of artificial intelligence for industrial revolution and automation manufacturing process .

What You Need to Know About 2024’s Tools, Equipment and Robotics Market Overview

The construction industry is on the verge of a transformative era driven by technological advancements, including various innovations related to tools, equipment, and robotics. BuiltWorlds’ new comprehensive research track on Tools, Equipment, and Robotics serves as a research-informed and data-driven holistic guide. The track provides an industry-wide view of crucial […]

Data Integration, Use Cases and AI’s Next Frontier: Insights from Trimble’s AI Director

Trimble has done a great job of creating hardware to capture construction data, but now the challenge is making meaning out of it. Determined to not be buried under the raw data, Trimble is one of many software solutions adopting and expanding its AI capabilities to make use of the […]

BuiltWorlds BOOST 5 Applications Close June 15

Apply to BOOST: Accelerator for Built World Tech

This is a sponsored message from Suffolk Technologies. BOOST is Suffolk Technologies’ flagship accelerator program that gives built world tech startups the foundations to succeed at the intersection of industry and technology. BOOST is an intensive 8-week program designed to ignite growth and equip pioneering built world startups with the […]

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Analyst Calls & Videos

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Analyst Call: Project Software II – Innovations in Accounting & Payment Solutions

Venture West 2024 – Demo Drop: ClimeCast

ClimeCast is a leading building compliance company focused on ensuring that structures meet all necessary regulations and standards related to environmental sustainability and safety. The company offers a range of solutions aimed at minimizing environmental impact and maximizing building performance, navigating complex and evolving regulatory requirements and implementing sustainable practices. […]

Analyst Call Recording: Preconstruction III – Contracting

BuiltWorlds’ May 8 Analyst Call was our third preconstruction-focused webinar in a series of six scheduled for 2024. We were joined by three guest speakers representing organizations of varying size and maturity, Geoffrey Guilly, CEO of AiTenders, Josh Levy, CEO & Cofounder of Document Crunch, and Steve Smith, Director of […]

Tokyo Summit 2023 Demo Night Challenge: BeeInventor

As Safety in Construction Week is now underway, this week’s Demo Drop features a company dedicated to creating smarter and safer jobsites for workers in a wide-range of areas on projects. BeeInventor is currently offering seven different IoT powered products aimed at helping mitigate risk of accidents on jobsites. Their […]

Analyst Call: AI’s Broad Reach of Impact on the AEC Industry

BuiltWorlds’ May 1 analyst call was our second in a series of three AI-focused analyst calls for 2024. We were joined by four speakers from three AI-focused startups innovating the AEC industry. Our guest speakers gave demos of their platforms and solutions, and engaged in a discussion focused on data […]

Venture West 2024: Demo Day: Ediphi

Ediphi develops innovative software and hardware tools tailored to the unique needs of the industry. From advanced project management platforms to state-of-the-art building automation systems, Ediphi empowers construction professionals to streamline processes, optimize resource utilization, and deliver projects on time and within budget. With a commitment to leveraging technology for […]