2021 Smart Jobsites 50 List

Welcome to the 2021 Smart Jobsites 50! This list features the leading companies offering cutting edge jobsite technology.  IoT, connected tools, and AI enabled progress documentation are just a few of the technologies that have begun to see wider adoption across the industry.  These tools are giving field workers and project managers greater access to information and control over their projects.  One technology industry leader, Oracle, is assisting in the Smart Jobsite makeover through the Oracle Industries Innovation Lab, a unique facility that provides owners and contractors a simulated worksite environment where they can have a hands-on real-world environment experiences to test these integrated technologies.  This technology partner involvement in Construction Technology adoption is pivotal to seeing further efficiency gains in the industry.

In this list we explore the innovative tools being used in the areas of Drones, Field Management, Jobsite Monitoring, Materials Management, Reality Capture & Progress Documentation, Tool Management, Visualization, and Wearables.

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Field Management 

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Connecting everyone who builds to everything they need. Procore provides owners with all their project information in one place, general contractors the ability to manage their project from the palm of their hand, and specialty contractors the ability to have field and office teams working together on one system.

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Mobile construction management software giving builders real-time access to blueprints, punch lists, daily reports, submittals, and more. Available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows.

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Autodesk (BIM 360)

BIM 360 is part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud, connecting workflows, teams, and data to help you build better.

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autodesk member
linkedfield logo


LinkedField is a construction workforce and knowledge platform. Their virtual project manager allows for enhanced team experience & knowledge, automated subcontractor management, and work on what matters most.


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linked field


SmartBarrel drastically reduces construction labor fraud with a sign-in kiosk equipped with a facial detection camera. Rugged, solar-powered, and self-contained, with no app or RFID tags required, Smart Barrel provides instant, “tag-buddy proof” timesheets with indisputable audit trails.

Jobsite Monitoring


EarthCam is a network of live streaming webcams that spans across industries providing efficient data. EarthCam allows companies to monitor, document, and promote their projects with live streaming, time-lapse imaging, and construction cameras.


OxBlue is a provider of construction time-lapse cameras and jobsite cameras providing best-in-class client support to the construction industry.


Avoid disputes, increase productivity and improve communications. Construction time-lapse cameras and project management software that is used for marketing content, project management, and dispute avoidance in the construction industry.

camdo logo

CamDo Solutions

CamDo provides 4K construction time-lapse video with upload capabilities. They help businesses and photographers capture difficult footage with a simple workflow. Additionally, CamDo designs and manufactures a wide range of solutions to expand the application of GoPro cameras.

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camdo member
sens logo

Sensera Systems 

Real-time site intelligence simplified. Sensera Systems deliver a proven, real-time site intelligence solution using integrated compact solar/wireless cameras, sensors, and software in a single platform. Their simple, turn-key solutions improve productivity, collaboration, security, risk, safety, and marketing.

Comment from Sensera Systems

"Sensera Systems has been an active technology leader in the construction space for years. Our innovations in the area of site intelligence have had a significant impact on making the smart jobsite a reality for thousands of GC's across North America and beyond.  Our proven, real-time site intelligence solutions use integrated compact solar/wireless cameras, sensors, and software in a simple, turnkey solution that can drastically improve as-built insights, productivity, collaboration, security, risk and safety."

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sensera member


OnsiteIQ is a tech-enabled construction visual documentation and risk assessment service. OnsiteIQ enables you to virtually walk any site from anywhere at any time. They collect the visual data so you can gain access to your construction photo documentation instantly.

Reality Capture and Progress Documentation


Trimble (Realworks) 

Trimble Realworks is an office software suite that integrates 3D point cloud and survey data. You can effectively manage large scan datasets to register, analyze, model, collaborate, and produce compelling deliverables.

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trimble member
openspace logo


OpenSpace offers 360-degree photo documentation which is automatically pinned to plan location with AI for speed and simplicity.

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openspace member


Matterport is a 3D media startup that has developed a portable 3D media platform. Matterport creates realistic, fully immersive virtual experiences. Viewers can explore the location from a variety of viewpoints and get a feel for the space without having to travel.

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Through StructionSite and their intelligent project tracking software, teams get in-depth insights into the status of work completed on a jobsite. Using their iOS or Android application, walk the jobsite recording a 360° video and our AI-powered algorithms map them to the project drawing. SmartTrack, which is an automated production tracking tool, translates the photo data into regular updates of installed work, providing actionable insights for your team.

Comment from StructionSite

"StructionSite has saved customers thousands of dollars avoiding unnecessary rework. For example, one customer locates 200 buried outlets per year using StructionSite, which equates to $40,000 savings of labor and materials per year."

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team

structionsite member
reconstruct logo


Reconstruct empowers you to manage your projects remotely, monitor quality, mitigate risk, and make better decisions. Their web-based platform continuously reconstructs and visualizes reality directly within 4D BIM, measures progress and productivity, and analyzes risk for delay.

Comment from Reconstruct

"Case Studies:

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team

reconstruct member


Buildots turns construction sites into digitally managed manufacturing environments. Their proprietary AI-technology analyses video captured by 360-degree hard hat mounted cameras, together with BIM and schedule data, to detect the exact status of every activity on the construction sites. Critical insights are automatically detected and brought to the attention of the management team.

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FARO (HoloBuilder) 

Using HoloBuilder’s mobile reality capture solutions, construction and real estate professionals are able to create and share digital, 360° replicas of their jobsites and buildings. Through quick digitalization of information, HoloBuilder’s platform allows reduced travel, transaction, and legal costs throughout the entire building lifecycle.




Datumate provides an automated software-as-a-service cloud platform designed and built for infrastructure construction projects. It enables construction companies to monitor project progress, ensure quality, and control budgets based on actionable project execution metrics extracted from field data.

Comment from Datumate

"Datumate is unique in its focus on the infrastructure construction market. Our product was specifically designed to help the infrastructure construction industry overcome productivity stagnation. Our innovation is about making traditional manual processes automated, answering the core pain points of construction professionals. We are the first true BIM solution for the infrastructure construction market, enabling improved 4D and 5D processes for our customers."



Constru brings advanced AI into the construction sector. The solution uses breakthrough computer vision technology to match, then greatly exceed human capabilities in inspection and analysis of the construction process.

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Helix logo


HELIX is a platform for architects, construction project managers, and building owners to quickly create and share accurate building plans and comprehensive photo documentation.

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helic member

SITE Technologies

SITE is a data analytics company that allows its clients to have reliable information on their assets in real-time. Through their platform, assessment experts, and drone technology, they present comprehensive data that saves customers time and money.




WakeCap is an IoT-based product and service that provides a unique and disruptive approach to construction site productivity and safety. The product is easy to use for the workers – it’s just part of the hard hat suspension and requires zero training. The mesh network ensures full coverage and continuous uptime in vertical and condensed structures / open, confined, and isolated areas / extreme hot or cold working environments. WakeCap makes it easy to source critical information to 3rd party platforms.

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wakecap member
ottogee l


Ottogee is a resource management solution using real-time analytics to reduce costs, improve productivity, and enhance the work environment. Ottogee generates actionable insights that create real impact using location and activity data collected about workers, equipment, and other resources. Manage and develop resources based on actual productivity data.

Comment from Ottogee

"In less than two years since launching, Ottogee now has deployed more than 70,000 (yes, seventy thousands) of its IoT wearables with more than 60 organizations ranging from the U.S government, to fortune 500 companies, small and medium size businesses. Since 2020 the company grew from 4 employees to 27 strong and extended it's footprint outside the U.S to South America, Europe, South East Asia, and the Middle East."

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ottogee memver


A feature-packed intelligent safety system that integrates cutting-edge wearable technology, Guardhat’s wearable devices are your smart personal assistants. Ergonomic and unobtrusive, these high-tech hardhats and tags provide a plethora of capabilities and features, while staying out of the way when not needed.

Comment from GuardHat

"Across customers, when deployed, Guardhat solutions have seen reductions in lost time to OSHA incidents by 50%, reduced EMS response time by 50-80% for critical incidents, and reduced worker compensation expenses by nearly 40%, as well as 10-20% increase in field operation efficiency through media enabled services, 50-80% savings on travel and logistic expenses."

Triax Technologies

Triax Technologies' flagship Spot-r system elevates worksite visibility, safety, security, and risk, connecting workers, equipment, and operations through a scalable, minimal infrastructure network, wearable and sensor devices, and a cloud-based dashboard. By providing real-time, data-driven visibility into site access, worker and equipment location, manpower, safety incidents, and evacuation and muster procedures, Spot-r enables actionable insights, helping firms streamline processes and work safer and smarter.

With you can accurately plan and establish forecasts of your manpower and project duration, based on artificial intelligence. Automatically collect workforce, safety, and work-in-place data, based on sensors & mobile devices using minimal infrastructure. also enables early detection of project delays and cost overruns, as well as safety incidents, to minimize risks and increase profits.

Tool Management


Intelliwave Technologies 

Easily locate, manage and maintain construction tools, equipment, and assets with SiteSense by Intelliwave Technologies. Dashboards display equipment utilization and movement reports to make sure pieces of equipment that are no longer in use can be eliminated to reduce project costs and congestion. SiteSense allows corporate and project users to know which tools and equipment are assigned to projects for easy accounting of tool costs.

Comment from Intelliwave

"Intelliwave SiteSense Materials Management products are used by some of the largest construction companies and Owners in the world, for helping to truly digitize the materials procurement and site management aspects of material forecasting and control.  SiteSense is also on the the most innovative platforms via full integration with Barcodes, RFID and other IOT devices to assist in automation and location events that helps to reduce overall costs for construction teams."

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team

intelliwave member


Ynomia offers an effortless end-to-end technology solution to enable connected jobsites to locate people, materials, plants, and equipment converting worksites into digital warehouses. By creating a single source of real-time truth over the supply chain and critical path activities, Ynomia minimizes manual labor-intensive tasks such as progress tracking and program status.

Comment from Ynomia

"Ynomia's Real Time Location sensor network, transforms the traditional construction processes, giving projects the ability to create a Connected Job-site, visualized via an IoT enabled Digital Twin, to harness real-time data to build faster and safer."

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cumulus logo


Cumulus is making industrial facilities safer, cleaner, and more productive by connecting workers, tools, and data with the industry’s first Internet of Tools-enabled operations and maintenance management platform. The Cumulus platform manages maintenance and construction workflows and collects data from digitally-enabled tools in the field, which provides facility owners a single source of “truth” for real-time quality assurance and progress tracking.

Comment from Cumulus

"The Cumulus platform manages maintenance and construction workflows and collects data from digitally-enabled tools in the field, which provides facility owners a single source of “truth” for real-time quality assurance and progress tracking. Our flagship product, the Smart Torque System, was developed as a technology solution to ensure ZERO leaks resulting from maintenance activities on bolted connections. The system delivers a resolution for remote work challenges, end-to-end configurable digital workflows, and detailed reporting of worker productivity and quality which aid in reducing exposure hours, rework, and unplanned downtime."

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Cumulus memebr
recon dynam

Recon Dynamics

Recon’s platform uses proprietary smart sensors that gather data about internal operations, with a goal to provide new insights about your business. The platform provides Run-time Utilization for tools and equipment, Location Tracking, and Materials Management for job sites.

Comment from Recon Dynamics

"Recon Dynamics uses patented IoT smart tags to automatically track location & second-to-second utilization data of equipment & tools. The tags’ 7+ year battery life, robust 802.15.4 physical layer, and customizable sensors finally make granular data capture and analysis possible on or off grid. Low monthly cost. No extra effort by workers. No scanning or human error. Range up to 2 miles. Truly unparalleled."

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recon member


Hilti Corporation is a Liechtenstein multinational company that develops, manufactures, and markets products for the construction, building maintenance, energy, and manufacturing industries, mainly to the professional end-user.

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hilti member
Red Milwaukee logo on transparent background

Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool has a focus on providing innovative, trade-specific solutions. They invest the time to work side-by-side with real users to understand the demands of a constantly changing workplace and how they can best deliver solutions for a safer, more productive jobsite.

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team

milwauke member


ShareMyToolbox takes a modern approach to track tools and equipment. Contractors use a simple app to allow the shop to loan tools to the field. Field workers can then transfer tools between people & locations as needed. Responsibility for each tool is maintained with these transfers. This allows everyone in the company to have visibility into the tool inventory both in the shop and in the field.

Comment from ShareMyToolBox

"Today's modern jobsites have a tremendous amount of complex and specialized tools. Effectively managing these assets is a primary need for effective jobsite management. ShareMyToolbox provides a modern approach to tool tracking."

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DroneUp provides a full spectrum of drone services and technology to assist businesses in defining, implementing, and scaling drone operations. DroneUp’s diverse suite of products includes flight services, data analysis, drone program development, regulatory consulting, training, equipment, and Part 107 drone delivery.

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Civ Robotics 

Civ Robotics is a construction tech startup aiming to revolutionize land surveying. They make laying out coordinates simple and efficient using their cutting-edge robotics mechanism and intuitive mission planner that ensures sub-inch accuracy of their markings.


With DroneDeploy software you can create accurate, high-resolution digital replicas with 3D models, real-time 2D maps, and 360 virtual tours for any construction site.

t2d2 logo


Drone surveys of buildings often produce 3D photogrammetric models. T2D2 performs damage detection on the original 2D images and geotags the 3D model using the mapping from the photogrammetry process. The T2D2 portal lets you interact with the 3D model containing the associated detections

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Blurred abstract glass wall building background.Blurred abstract glass wall building background.Blurred abstract glass wall building background.


Percepto allows companies to harness remote robotics to autonomously collect, aggregate, and analyze visual data. Percepto AIM (Autonomous Inspection and Monitoring) is the first end-to-end autonomous inspection and monitoring platform. Percepto AIM empowers the remote operation center of the future to assess risk, minimize downtime, drive efficiency, increase safety and reduce operational costs.


An integrated software and hardware platform that helps you use drone data to measure, analyze and manage your worksite more effectively.

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Materials Management

Agora logo


Agora streamlines materials management to improve your profitability as you take on more work. By bringing together the field, procurement, and distributors onto our cloud-based platform, we simplify your supply chain by automating the process of ordering and tracking materials. Make materials management your edge.


Soil Connect

Soil Connect is a digital platform created to solve the high costs and inefficiencies associated with the transport and management of soil, aggregates, and other materials. The platform offers a seamless and streamlined solution for excavators, contractors, developers, landscapers, and other building professionals to network and transact with one another while saving time and money.

Comment from Soil Connect

"Soil Connect is a platform that has created transparency and efficiency in the old school world of resourcing and moving dirt and aggregates. We make it quicker, faster and cheaper to move your dirt. We will continue to build new products that solve the everyday problems of our users. Started with our marketplace, and now we have Saas products like eticketing, quick tickets and now 1st to market, patent-pending eRegulatory that create efficiencies in each part of the lifecycle of finding and moving dirt and aggregates. The Marketplace connects those with dirt and aggregates with those who need it. The eTickets suite of SaaS products addresses making the movement of materials more efficient."

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soil memebr
Buildclub logo

The BuildClub

Building materials from various suppliers, delivered immediately to your job site, from one app.

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buildclb member


TruckIT’s technology platform connects and automates the heavy construction material supply chain by streamlining error prone and manual tasks related to ordering, dispatching, project management, ticketing, reporting, and accounting workflows. Our performance-driven technology integrates with IoT devices, accounting software, existing business systems, scalehouses, and more. TruckIT delivers ROI with a singular end to end and easy-to-use solution that drives efficiency for owners, contractors, truck brokers, haulers, DOT’s, and material producers throughout the US and Canada.

Comment from TruckIT

"Our performance-driven technology integrates with IoT devices, accounting software, existing business systems, scalehouses, and more. TruckIT delivers ROI with a singular end to end and easy-to-use solution that drives efficiency for owners, contractors, truck brokers, haulers, DOT’s, and material producers throughout the US and Canada. We are dedicated to driving efficiency throughout the construction industry."

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ecomededs logo


Built environment marketplace solution saving buildings money, watts, and water. Ecomedes is a cloud-based software as a service platform that leverages product data for its clients. Their platform is designed to simplify product selection and to grow brand value, sales, and market share.

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economedes memebr


Facebook (Oculus) 

Oculus is a brand of Facebook Technologies, LLC that produces virtual reality headsets. Oculus Insight translates your movements into VR no matter which way you're facing and provides room‑scale tracking without external sensors.


Use virtual reality to coordinate meetings. VR for BIM 360, Navisworks, Revit, and Sketchup. Compatible with Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and Oculus Quest. With InsiteVR, you can review projects in virtual reality rather than screen-sharing to find issues faster.


Immersive VR walkthroughs in one click. Works with SketchUp, Revit, Navisworks, Rhino files in Oculus Rift, HTC Vive + 360 panoramas in Gear VR, Cardboard, Daydream. Review and collaborate, anywhere at any time with IrisVR.


Akular delivers an immersive experience and visualizes buildings and urban plans through realistic simulation. Akular uses augmented reality technology to bring communities, cities, architects, and developers on the same page, allowing them to save time and increase transparency and involvement of residents in the urban planning process.


The AVATOUR remote presence platform, which allows remote participants to experience a real place, and to interact in real-time with the people there, with full 360° visibility. It’s a unique and effective tool for remote site visits, OAC meetings, site surveys, safety training, and more.

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