5 Sustainability-Based Companies at the 2023 Paris Summit

BuiltWorlds’ 2023 Paris Summit in late June will offer valuable insights on how global companies are driving innovation and transformative within the built world. The two-day event will focus on the crucial role of sustainability and technology initiatives and the need for widespread adoption to shape the industry’s future trajectory. Below we will be highlighting five contractors, companies, and other groups that will all be speaking at the 2023 Paris Summit.

Want to be a part of conversation? Our upcoming 2023 Paris Summit is quickly approaching and will cover how to grow alongside the ever-evolving built environment.


ArcelorMittal is one of the world’s top steel and mining companies, with operations in 60+ companies and an industrial presence in 18 countries. They are committed to safe and sustainable steel production and are a driving force in the industry’s innovation solutions. Their company is committed to decarbonize steel production and have set ambitious goals for net-zero emissions by 2050 and a reduction of CO₂e emissions intensity by 25% by 2030.

Olivier Vassart, CEO Stelligence, at ArcelorMittal will be speaking at the Paris Summit within The Sustainability Imperative session.


Bouygeus is a diversified services group that is currently operating in over 80 countries and is dedicated to driving growth within the built world. They recognize the gravity of the climate emergence and have implemented a comprehensive climate strategy to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions across its value chain. Bouygues has made a tangible pledge to reduce its personal carbon footprint, along with its customers by 2030.

Vincent Maret, Innovation Director at Bouygues will be speaking at the Paris Summit within The Global Innovators session.


Goldbeck helps its customers to construct and operate buildings that are viable for the future environment, as they offer a comprehensive range of products and services within one space. They execute real estate projects with their design expertise, in-house prefabrication, and integration of cutting-edge technologies. They offer sustainability services for clients to guide them to carbon-neutral future operations while making the lifecycle of the building long-lasting.

Kati Herzog, Head of ESG at Goldbeck will be speaking at the Paris Summit within The Sustainability Imperative session.


Knauf is comprised of a prominent group of companies and serves as a global leader in modern insulation materials, drylining systems, plasters, and more, with presence in over 90 countries. They are focused on streamlining global planning and construction and provide comprehensive solutions that give quality assurance to its customers. Knauf operates transparently with their customers and has their environmental performance verified by third-parties in order improve their operations.

Andreas Kronthaler, Corporate Innovation Manager at Knauf will be speaking at the Paris Summit within the Challenges & Opportunities Building a Global ConTech Company session.


Vestack aims to revolutionize the construction industry with efficient design and manufacturing processes and delivers buildings that are sending out three times less pollutants, two times faster. Their process utilizes proprietary hardware and software, giving end-to-end assistance for its clients. With their innovative digital design system, they are able to maximize productivity and deliver pre-assembled modules that are 90% complete before delivery.

Jean-Christophe Pierron, Co-Founder of Vestack will be speaking at the Paris Summit within The Sustainability Imperative session.