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Research Reports

2020 VDC Staffing Report

Virtual Design and Construction Benchmarking Report: Team Sizes, Staffing Plans, Trends

October 3, 2020

While venture investors and technologists tend to focus on exciting new developments in construction technology, that technology cannot gain traction if industry players are unprepared to assimilate it.  In two of our benchmarking surveys conducted this year, our Pre-Construction Benchmarking Survey and our Buildings Benchmarking Survey, we have identified important […]

HERE at CES shows real time traffic data

2020 Pre-Construction Report: Bidding, Scheduling, Pre-Qualification, Value Engineering, Modeling and Simulation

September 1, 2020

Learning About The Future of Construction Logistics Plans with HERE Technologies Bid Management, Scheduling, and Estimating Software Have Become Table Stakes When it comes to Project Management, everybody knows that the opportunity to influence project outcomes is much greater in the planning phases prior to construction than once the ground […]

2020 Smart Infrastructure Report: Sidewalk Labs’ Quayside, China’s Chongming Island, and Other Portraits of Challenge and Opportunity

July 9, 2020

At our 2017 Cities Conference Phil Enquist, Leader of SOM’s Urban Planning Group, presented their work on Chongming Island, outside of Shanghai and one of China’s many “smart city” initiatives The Need To Know, Not Only How We Build, but also What We Build. The study of Smart Cities and […]

construction technology report

2020 Construction Technology Report: Adoption and Effectiveness of Preconstruction, Project Management, and In-The-Field Solutions

June 3, 2020

The Built World is changing, accelerated by technological advancement from leading providers, emerging startups, venture players, innovative construction and engineering firms, and many other actors from inside and outside of the built environment. However, with the abundance of solutions available today, construction and technology leaders face difficult challenges when tasked […]

2020 Machines Research Report

2020 Machines Report: Breaking Down the Adoption Rates of Advanced Construction Machinery, Equipment & Robotic Solutions

May 12, 2020

Construction companies continue to have trouble meeting workforce demands, as 80 percent aren’t able to find the workers they need. Not only has construction experienced workforce shortages, but the unpredictable conditions of a jobsite can make for a dangerous experience for workers. From 2014 to 2017, construction worker fatalities rose […]

2020 U.S. Innovators Report

April 7, 2020

The 2020 BuiltWorlds U.S. Innovators Report was produced in conjunction with the 2020 BuiltWorlds Digital Summit. The production of this engineering and construction industry innovators report was made possible through the support of Sage, Premier Sponsor of the 2020 BuiltWorlds Digital Summit and BW Member. Innovation can come in a […]

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Top Lists

2021 Venture Deals 50 List (of 2020)

December 31, 2020

BuiltWorlds lays out the top 50 venture deals that took place in 2020 within the built industry.

2020 BuiltWorlds Startup Members Point To the Rise of AI, IoT, and User-Centered Design

November 21, 2020

Below, we feature 50 earlier stage and more recently founded BuiltWorlds Member companies.  This new generation of industry tech goes beyond the mobile, cloud-based apps that gained prominence a decade ago and reflects an industry that is forging deeper into AI and Machine Learning and also IoT Sensors, Scanners, and Reality Capture technology.

Venture Investors 50 2020

2020 Venture Investors 50 List

November 19, 2020

The Venture Investors 50 list features the leading companies, both traditional venture capitalists and corporate venture capitalists, that have invested significantly into built industry technology in 2020.

BuiltWorlds Adoption Advisors 2020

2020 Adoption Advisors List

October 20, 2020

All through the month of October we have been looking at how companies have been organizing to be adapt successful to the many changes emerging technology is fueling in the industry. First, in our VDC Staffing Report,  we looked at the result of our benchmarking survey to understand how companies were establishing and growing virtual […]

Adoption leaders 50

2020 Adoption Leaders 50 List

October 12, 2020

As The Industry Tech Adopter Ranks Grow, This Year’s List Focuses Exclusively on AEC Adoption Leaders Much has changed since we first launched our Adoption Leaders Top List back in 2017.  We launched the list because we noticed people were being place into leadership roles at industry companies to help their companies find, select, and […]

2020 Global Innovators 50

The Global 50: Open Innovation Across Continents for Buildings & Infrastructure’s Digital Transformation

October 1, 2020

Historically, in the Buildings and Infrastructure industry, AEC and Real Estate Companies have been focused on their own home regions. However, with rising capital investment, a greater sense of urgency around sustainability, a growing belief in the power of open innovation, and the growth of emerging technology, industry players are increasingly collaborating beyond their borders.  […]

News & Analysis

Articles & Feature Stories that cover the latest news & trending topics

Kicking Off Our Construction Robotics and Advanced Equipment Calls, Here is Why We are Going to Be Talking About Robots More than Ever

  We have been covering robotics in construction since 2015 when we hosted our first event on the subject, but this year we will be hosting more discussions and writing more about construction robots than ever – and not just because we like to talk about robots. Since we started […]

HUB International Outlook 2021

Around the Network: Hub International Issues 2021 Construction Outlook

As we focus in on the intersection of Insurance and Built Worlds Tech, BuiltWorlds Member, Hub International, shared their just published Outlook for 2021. Here is some of what they had to say… CONSTRUCTION OUTLOOK 2021: Prepare for Bumps in the Road Ahead Like most other business sectors, the construction […]

How Insurance Companies Are Leaning In On Built Tech As Illustrated Through 26 Solutions

Eight Lines of Construction Insurance Potentially Impacted by the Industry’s Emerging Technology Solutions. Insurance companies are increasingly focusing on Built Tech and how the solutions impact project risk. They are investing in startups in the sector and also mounting their own direct partnerships with tech companies and other efforts. One […]

California Housing Crisis

Fighting The Affordable Housing Crisis, Autodesk, Apple, Google Invest Big in Modular Housing

Even as news hits of Softbank’s $200 million bailout of Katerra, big tech is continuing to make big bets on modular as part of an unprecedented effort to address the nation’s affordable housing crisis, and the effort is helping to spur new approaches to modular single and multifamily housing that […]

leonard news

Vinci Group’s Leonard Takes On 44 New Projects in Four Accelerator Categories in 2021

This week, BuiltWorlds Member, Vinci, announced the list of 44 projects including 19 startups/innovative ventures joining their Leonard acceleration programs: Leonard, the VINCI Group’s foresight and innovation platform, has presented the 44 startups, innovative companies and VINCI employee teams selected to join its four acceleration and support programmes in 2021. […]

modular construction limbach

2020 In Review: Why Katerra “Bail Out” and Skender Closure Won’t Stop Modular Construction’s Advance

Yes, Modular Building took some lumps in 2020. September brought the news that Chicago-based, Skender, would shutter its modular plant after a much publicized grand opening just the year earlier, and, just last week came reports by the Wall Street Journal that Softbank would be “bailing out” Katerra, the industry’s […]

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Analyst Calls & Videos

Explore videos covering expansive topics in the built world

January Modular Fabrication Call – Travis Aldridge, InPro Presentation

Travis Aldridge, Regional Sales Manager – Endurant Division, InPro joined us recently on our January Modular Fabrication Call. Here is his presentation from that call.

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 2) – Building an Effective Data Management Dashboard

2020 Project Delivery Conference Sponsors: Gold Sponsor: Sensera Systems Workshop Sponsor: WakeCap Silver Sponsors: AISC, Raken, Recon Dynamics Speakers: Rob Wagner, Sr. Project Manager & Operations, Del Amo Construction Matt Redman, Operations & Technical Development Coordinator, Del Amo Construction Session Overview:  The data coming off the jobsites and from our projects can be extremely valuable, […]

Global Summit Panel Iberian Penninsula

2020 Digital Global Summit: Iberian Peninsula

In this session, we will hear from global leaders based in Spain and Portugal where companies are heavily engaged in robotics, modularization, energy, sustainability, and software development.

InsurTech Perspective & Approach – David Wald, Aclaimant Presentation

David Wald, CEO & Co-Founder, Aclaimant joined us recently to present on how Aclaimant is structured to help contractors improve their risk oversight, as well as how they work directly with Insurers.

InsurTech Perspective & Approach – Rose Hall, AXA XL Presentation

Rose Hall, Vice President – Head of Construction Innovation, AXA XL joined us recently to present on how AXA views their partnership with risk management focused technologies, and how they aim to work with these startups. 

January Venture Call: InsurTech Perspective & Approach – Full Recording

In this InsurTech focused call we’re joined by two participants in the AEC risk management space.  We’ll hear directly from insurer AXA XL’s VP of Construction Innovation, Rose Hall.  Rose will discuss how AXA views their partnership with risk management focused technologies, and how they aim to work with these startups.  In addition, David Wald, CEO of Aclaimant, will discuss how they are structured to help contractors improve their risk oversight, as well as how Aclaimant works with Insurers.