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Research Reports

HERE at CES shows real time traffic data

2020 Pre-Construction Report: Bidding, Scheduling, Pre-Qualification, Value Engineering, Modeling and Simulation

September 1, 2020

Learning About The Future of Construction Logistics Plans with HERE Technologies Bid Management, Scheduling, and Estimating Software Have Become Table Stakes When it comes to Project Management, everybody knows that the opportunity to influence project outcomes is much greater in the planning phases prior to construction than once the ground […]

2020 Smart Infrastructure Report: Sidewalk Labs’ Quayside, China’s Chongming Island, and Other Portraits of Challenge and Opportunity

July 9, 2020

At our 2017 Cities Conference Phil Enquist, Leader of SOM’s Urban Planning Group, presented their work on Chongming Island, outside of Shanghai and one of China’s many “smart city” initiatives The Need To Know, Not Only How We Build, but also What We Build. The study of Smart Cities and […]

construction technology report

2020 Construction Technology Report: Adoption and Effectiveness of Preconstruction, Project Management, and In-The-Field Solutions

June 3, 2020

The Built World is changing, accelerated by technological advancement from leading providers, emerging startups, venture players, innovative construction and engineering firms, and many other actors from inside and outside of the built environment. However, with the abundance of solutions available today, construction and technology leaders face difficult challenges when tasked […]

2020 Machines Research Report

2020 Machines Report: Breaking Down the Adoption Rates of Advanced Construction Machinery, Equipment & Robotic Solutions

May 12, 2020

Construction companies continue to have trouble meeting workforce demands, as 80 percent aren’t able to find the workers they need. Not only has construction experienced workforce shortages, but the unpredictable conditions of a jobsite can make for a dangerous experience for workers. From 2014 to 2017, construction worker fatalities rose […]

2020 U.S. Innovators Report

April 7, 2020

The 2020 BuiltWorlds U.S. Innovators Report was produced in conjunction with the 2020 BuiltWorlds Digital Summit. The production of this engineering and construction industry innovators report was made possible through the support of Sage, Premier Sponsor of the 2020 BuiltWorlds Digital Summit and BW Member. Innovation can come in a […]

2020 Buildings Annual Report

February 17, 2020

We’ll help define “smart” buildings, explore the advantages and drawbacks of various building materials, investigate how BIM is being effectively utilized, showcase innovative buildings from around the world, and more!

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Top Lists

Preconstruction 50

Pre-Construction 50: Bidding, Scheduling, Pre-Qualification, Value Engineering, Modeling and Simulation

September 1, 2020

The areas of Bid Management and Pre-Qualifications, Estimating, Scheduling, Modeling & Simulation, or Value Engineering and Life Cycle Analysis have seen significant growth in recent years. Companies like BuildingConnected, ALICE Technologies, PYPE, Helix, IRIS, and Join are among the new companies making waves in the space. On this list, we take stock of the sector’s […]

2020 Smart Jobsite 50 List

July 29, 2020

For more in-depth analysis on the technology making the construction jobsite safer, smarter, and more efficient, access the 2020 BuiltWorlds Construction Technology Report (available for BuiltWorlds Members). SEARCH THE BUILTWORLDS COMPANY DIRECTORY BY TYPE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SIMILAR BUILT TECH PROVIDERS Welcome to the 2020 Smart Jobsite 50 List! The construction jobsite is an […]

2020 Infrastructure Tech 50 List

June 17, 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Infrastructure Tech 50 List! The Infrastructure Tech 50 List features solutions specifically addressing the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the Built Worlds’ infrastructure assets such as roadways, bridges, tunnels, and more. The list includes leading companies and up-and-coming providers helping built industry players plan, manage, execute, deliver their infrastructure assets […]

2020 Project Software 50

May 20, 2020

For more in-depth analysis on the adoption rate and effective uses of the solutions below (and more!), make sure to read our 2020 Construction Technology Report on June 3rd (available for BuiltWorlds Members). Welcome to the 2020 Project Software 50 List! Technology is changing how the Built World plans, manages, and executes projects. While you […]

BuiltWorlds Mavericks 50 List 2020

2020 Mavericks 50 List

April 28, 2020

The 2020 BuiltWorlds Maverick Awards winners highlights 50 individuals who have acted as trendsetters and innovators in the built world, from architects and engineers to contractors, technologists, influencers, entrepreneurs, and urban designers.

2020 Machines 50 List

April 22, 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Machines 50 List! Emerging technology trends and recent development are transforming the built world – both in the shop and in the field. So, we’re highlighting the companies that are pushing the boundaries of product – through automation, IoT, and more – and process – by applying a manufacturing-like, factory approach […]

News & Analysis

Articles & Feature Stories that cover the latest news & trending topics

IOT: How to make buildings more energy-efficient

Connected Emerald City. IoT wizards from all over the world descended on
Silicon Valley last month. Here, Machina Research’s Godfrey Chua talks to
GE, PG&E, Trane, and others about the incredible, looming promise big data
holds for building efficiency.

Water Scarcity: Engineering a Global Challenge

As the American Water Works Association meets for its annual spring
conference, BW offers a coast-to-coast sampling of current U.S. projects,
studies, initiatives intended to generate vastly greater amounts of potable
water in a more cost-efficient manner.

Older BuiltWorlds Articles

Jammed: Will Infrastructure Gridlock Ever End?

What’s the holdup? June means weddings, vacations, summer travel, and
report cards. It is also the time that reminds us of just how dire the
state of our U.S. infrastructure is. Here, BW’s John Gregerson argues that
enough is enough. Let us fund our future!  

Milwaukee Tool: Smart Apps Mean Smarter Tools

On a recent road trip to Milwaukee, our BuiltWorlds team got a sneak peak
at Milwaukee Tool’s newest products. With several innovative tech upgrades,
the power tool giant says it is raising the bar for the rest of the
industry. BW’s Alexis Chastain reports.

Mechanical Firms Urged to Embrace Disruption

Disruption? It’s not a dirty word anymore. On the contrary, we can all
probably stand some. That was a big part of the message conveyed last week
at the MCAA Construction Technology Conference in Indianapolis.
BuiltWorlds’ Walker Thisted reports. 

Cities’ gravitational pull grows for firms, people

Rise of the City. It’s more than just urban renewal. The era of Global
Cities is upon us and a recent, high-level forum in Chicago focused on how
to address human needs in the new, data-driven metropolis. Author and urban
planner Alan Mammoser reports.

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Analyst Calls & Videos

Explore videos covering expansive topics in the built world
wake cap workshop

2020 Project Delivery Conference – WakeCap Wearables Workshop With Besix

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 2) Session Recording – WakeCap Workshop Speakers: Daniel Pifko, VP North America, WakeCap Luis Miguel Monteiro, Project Director, Besix Session Overview:  In this workshop, attendees had the opportunity to interact with the WakeCap team while getting an inside look into a live project dashboard of […]

September Buildings Analyst Call: Timber Buildings

Timber buildings continue to find growing interest, particularly in Europe where there is more focus on carbon reduction and sustainability than in the United States. That said, we also examined cases of timber buildings in the United States, such as the Adohi Residence Hall at the University of Arkansas, built by BuiltWorlds Member Company, Nabholz. The material is becoming an increasingly important contender next to steel and concrete, around the world, and it has significant implications for trends we are watching in modularization, building materials and products, project management, and materials management. We will dive into the topic and trend with leading experts from around the world.

Netarus and W.M. Jordan reality capture in construction

2020 Project Delivery Conference – Digital Solutions for Safer Equipment Operation

Speakers: Chris Machut, Chief Technology Officer, Netarus HoistCam Raynald Morris, CTO & VDC Director, WM Jordan Geoff Bean, Virtual Construction Coordinator, WM Jordan Session Overview:  Operating equipment in a safe and efficient manner is critical to any contractor’s business, but the nature of the construction jobsite often leaves operators and […]

Evercam Demo Drop

BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Demo Drop – Evercam

Avoid Disputes, Increase Productivity & Improve Communications. Construction time-lapse cameras & project management software that is used for marketing content, project management and dispute avoidance in the construction industry.

BuiltWorlds Smart Job Sites Call

September Smart Jobsites Call: Advances in Schedule Controls

This call explored the advances made in the interface between project management & modelling technologies and how that connection is driving efficiency, safety, and risk mitigation.  Dave, Chris, & Brooks also examined some of the types of technology on the market and the opportunities and challenges associated with each of them.

Openspace Demo Drop

BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Demo Drop – Openspace

  Openspace OpenSpace offers photo documentation which is automatically pinned to plan location with AI. About the Demo Drops Weekly Demo Drops are sponsored by BuiltWorlds Venture Forum (BVF).  BVF brings together action-oriented GCs, engineering firms, and other strategic players in the construction sector that share in the belief that […]