This Thursday’s Analyst Call: The Rise of Construction 4.0 and a New Kind of Architecture With Tal Friedman

Tal Friedman Folded Architecture shelter
Projects like the one pictured above explore the possibilities of light folded structures (credit: Tal Friedman).

This week, February 4th at 10 am central standard time, we will be hosting Tal Friedman for a presentation and discussion about a new kind of architecture emerging in light of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and the rise of what is sometimes referred to as Construction 4.0.  While we have long explored emerging technology in each of the three aforementioned topic areas, this week’s architectural design-focused session also clearly highlights the way emerging technology in different areas of the Built World are becoming increasingly interconnected, unlocking significant new opportunities for emerging leaders like Tal Friedman to fuel a more fundamental transformation of the sector, overall.

A Thought leader Working at the Convergence of Architectural Design Software, Fabrication and Robotics, and Innovation in Building Materials.

Tal Friedman is an architect, computational construction engineer and entrepreneur working within the realm of digital design to fabrication. He is also an international keynote speaker on the topic of construction 4.0 and parametric design.
His work bridges the gap between the AEC world and advanced automated manufacturing to allow freedom of design and more energy efficient buildings.  His work with Foldstruct creates a bridge between construction, robotics and smart algorithms in order to give way to a new era in architecture and advanced building envelopes.

In His Own Words:

For the first time in history, automated manufacturing and artificial intelligence are pulling the rug under our feet and questioning basic axioms about our built world which have existed for thousands of years.

The coming age of robotics will transform not only how we build, but also WHAT and WHY we build.
Advancements of BIM, parametrics and generative design allow planners to design anything that comes to mind (and beyond) in the digital space. However, when it comes to manufacturing and actual construction, the difficulties of constructing custom buildings rise exponentially.
So how can technology help us create healthier, smarter and more beautiful cities?
The key to unlocking the potential of automation lays in our ability to implement AI and smart algorithms to achieve mass-customization both in the planning stage and in manufacturing.
This, in turn, will remove the inherent limitations or mass repetition, cubical boxes and manual labor and allow a shift to customized buildings based on design and performance goals.

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This Thursday’s Discussion: The Elements of Transformation Explored

In Thursday’s talk, architect Tal Friedman will describe Foldstruct’s journey to "harnesses the digital transformation and create a complete digital supply chain between design and manufacturing while creating new architectural topologies." He will walk us through an approach beginning with initial design in which the design is optimized for robotic construction at the same time that design is optimized for quality, reduced carbon footprint, accelerated schedule, and reduced cost.  He will help us examine concepts such as robotic folding of sheet metals, deployable structures, adaptable facades and more are at the core of the work and demonstrate a fraction of what is yet to come as we embark on a journey to unravel the potential of digital construction.

It is a bold vision of the future of how we will design and build, pulling together a broad array of areas of technological progress within the industry and leading us to the perhaps surprisingly apparent conclusion that, as these technologies continue to develop and gain broader adoption within the industry, we will also see a fundamental change in the appearance and materiality of the built environment, itself.


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