Skyscrapers and Innovation: An Inside Look at NYC’s Role in the Development and Adoption of Built World Technology

BuiltWorlds will be participating in this year's NYC Real Estate Tech Week, as a Core Event Holder in partnership with MetaProp. The event brings together thousands of leaders annually who are actively using, building, or investing in new technology to propel the real estate industry forward. As technological collaboration and integration continues to advance, the lines traditionally drawn between stakeholder activities have greyed, leaving room for increased emphasis on coordination between all stakeholders across the real estate value chain. During the BuiltWorlds event in particular, we will explore the convergence of construction technology and proptech in ways that enhance the value provided to all players. The evening will begin with a panel session, which will then be followed by a networking reception. Within this piece will be a highlight of two of the panel's speakers in NYC: Matt Curry and Roger Krulak, along with a brief company overview of the companies they will be representing, Avvir and FullStack Modular.

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Matt Curry

Head of Product at Avvir

As a passionate product leader focused on strengthening work experiences, Matt Curry crafts projects with seamless tech integrations for users. Curry is a seasoned thought leader and holds over 12 years of experience in the tech industry, and has successfully shipped 18 products across diverse sectors. He leads products with a conscious emphasis on simplicity and user-centric designs that enables collaboration and open feedback channels. Currently, Curry is serving as the Head of Product at Avvir, where he is further refining his skills within innovative strategies and products to make products more accessible for users.

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Avvir’s reality analysis platform enables construction professionals to reduce costly rework by detecting mistakes and taking immediate action, transform their BIM into an official system of record, and take project insights to the next level with automated progress vs. schedule and earned value tracking. Avvir delivers the only hardware agnostic platform that not only provides critical insights but closes the loop by updating the BIM, allowing customers to focus on solving issues, not finding them.

Roger Krulak

President & Founder at FullStack Modular

Roger Krulak is the Founder and President of FullStack Modular, an award-winning pioneering company at the forefront of mid to high-rise modular construction. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainable building practices for over 35 years, Roger’s experience in the built world has transformed the construction industry with his progressive approach to design and manufacturing. Under his visionary leadership, the company has emerged as a leader in offsite modular construction. It has been recognized for its forward-thinking solutions, including BuiltWorlds’ 2023 Building Tech Top 50 list, Civil + Structural Engineer’s 2023 Rising Stars.

FullStack Modular is merging offsite volumetric modular construction with new technologies to bring an unprecedented level of control, predictability, and scalability to multifamily development. They provide turnkey modular solutions for developers of new multifamily buildings, hotels and dormitories. FullStack Modular is dedicated to creating environmentally-conscious, cost-effective, and labor-friendly development.