Around The Network: DPR Construction and The Power of Prefab

We’ve been hearing about the potential benefits of streamlining project delivery with offsite production for years–shorter project schedules, relief for budgets, improved conditions for workers, more control over the quality of the product and the schedule–but now we’re actually seeing it in action. Real-world examples of modular projects are not only becoming taller and more impressive, they are also becoming more common. During our upcoming Buildings Conference, our third and final day will explore in detail how Modularization and Prefabrication is impacting buildings across different sectors including single family housing, multifamily housing, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, manufacturing plants, and even data centers.

On April 8, at 10:05 am US Central Time, Tim Jed, Supply Chain Leader at DPR Construction, will be part of a panel on Day Three of the BuiltWorlds Buildings Conference “The Supply Chain of Modularization,” which will explore the unique challenges offsite production poses on real-world construction sites.

As we approach our exciting three day conference next week, we thought we would share with our members an interesting article BuiltWorlds member DPR Construction recently published on how incorporating prefab into a project’s design can yield key benefits and distinct advantages.

The Power of Prefab



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