2020 BuiltWorlds Digital Summit – Innovation in Heavy Civil Infrastructure With Vinci

2020 Digital Summit Panel: Thursday, 5/7 10am – 10:30am

Technology is changing how we design, build, operate, and maintain the built world’s infrastructure assets. Hear from a key stakeholder in the heavy civil space to discuss the innovative practices he’s implemented to drive efficiency across a number of projects. We hear about Vinci’s use of BIM in infrastructure for coordination between trades. We also hear about how they developed their own software for analyzing rebar and its density, especially as they examine what it looks like in concrete and how they leverage BIM to respond to owner’s needs, balancing putting models together during construction relative to quality and inspections linked to the model and to help create an easy reference for owners for maintenance, while avoiding too much complexity.

Specifically, Christian tells us about his use of Six Sense Systems to manage projects like their $5.8 billion light rail project in London to do things such as evaluating the noise limit requirement on projects before starting work so they can develop alternative approaches. In London, they were able to use Six Sense to arrive at appropriate noise mitigation solutions.  He gave us another case study of a proactive assessment they were able to conduct to plan for an explosives operation in relation to a project near a theater in the US.

On the Autonomous equipment front, he highlighted work in tunneling and mining and certain excavation activities where they are leveraging autonomous equipment that can work 24/7, even if at a slower rate to complete work more quickly. He also spoke about GPS II technology to manage the fleet on site. In Norfolk, they will be using a tunnel boring machine with software they have developed linked to GPS to provide them with mobile access to the productivity and pace of excavation.

Additionally, he speaks about Vinci’s Big Data efforts to easy workflows and manage the flow of Information across their many business units.


Christian Tricoire, CEO, Chairman, VINCI Construction LLC


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